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Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Updated on September 1, 2014

Why you need to be extra careful with pets around the holidays.

There are many reasons why you need to be extra careful with pets around the holidays. Sometimes people are too involved with the holiday and the pets aren't being watched as much as usual. Each pet is different and will respond differently to what the holiday has to offer. You don't want your pet to get too scared from all of the commotion because this might cause the pet to want to break out of the home. There are certain safety measures to take and this hub will go over each one in detail.

ID tag for pets.
ID tag for pets. | Source

Make sure your pet has proper identification.

It's easy for a pet to sneak out on Halloween if you are constantly opening and closing the door for trick-or-treaters. Have your pet wear a collar and ID tag so in case your pet does get out they can be easily identified.

On the ID tag make sure you have your pet's name, your name, your phone number, and your address on it. Make sure your pet is wearing this before the actual Halloween day comes. This is especially important for black cats since many people try to steal black cats around this holiday.

Are you prepared?

Do you have proper identification for all your pets?

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Have a distraction for your pet.

Letting your pet have a toy or bone may ease them and help keep them occupied throughout the night. You want to be careful with this though. Make sure you don't give them a toy that is easily ripped apart. Usually a strong sturdy toy, like a Kong, will stay intact so you don't have to necessarily be watching them the whole time while they are using it. Try putting a treat or even peanut butter inside a toy to really keep them busy for awhile.

A sturdy toy that will keep them busy for hours.

Know your pet, figure out what sets them off.

Before the holiday start testing various things. If you plan on playing scary music at all you might want to play it a couple days before to see how your pet reacts to it. Try ringing the doorbell a couple times to imitate trick-or-treaters. See how your pet responds to it. If you have a dog that barks for every doorbell ring try to figure out a solution. One solution might be to have the dog is a secured place, such as in a room or kennel, or you can try to train him to not bark to a doorbell. You need to figure out how they will respond to each thing well before Halloween comes.

A kennel might be the best place for some pets.

Where will your pet stay during Halloween?

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Keep out of reach of pets!

No candy for pets!
No candy for pets! | Source

Keep candy out of reach.

Chocolate can kill pets. Eating other candy can give your pet an upset stomach. To avoid any of this keep all candy and treats away from your pet! Keep everything up high and unreachable. You might even want to try putting the candy in some kind of container that has a lid. Make sure everyone in your house, including children, know that they can not give any candy whatsoever to the pets. Explain to them how harmful it is to them so that they truly understand the seriousness of it.

Besides candy you also want to make sure your pets can't get into any Halloween decorations. If you decorate early you can tell your pet "no" anytime they come near to the decorations and overtime they should learn that they are off limits to them.


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