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Hamsters and Their Personalities

Updated on March 14, 2010

Smokey - My First Hamster

Before I got my first hamster, I just thought that they were cute furry rodents. After spending time with my first hamster, Smokey, I found out that he has a strong personality. Besides the fact that he is cute, friendly, and sweet, he likes to think he's a dog: he would stay awake in the morning to watch me leave to go to work every morning, then he would wake up every time I come home. As you can tell I keep him in my living room. He also enjoys greeting the guests when they come over. He would walk right up to the door of his cage and wait for the people to talk to him. Unlike other hamsters, he doesn't mind being wakened up during his normal sleeping hours during the day. I think he loves getting attention.

Since he was my first hamster, he made it very easy for me to handle him and train him. He does not like to bite people including me. After a few months, I was worried about him, because he was not aggressive with me, because I read a lot of stories that hamsters will bite their owners at least once. Smokey never did that. I was hoping that I didn't have to take him to the vet. I got to meet other hamster owners and they told me that he is okay - he's just not a biter, and be grateful for it.

Silvia - My Monster

 Silvia was a beautiful baby hamster when I got her from the pet store.  Her head looked silver and she had a white body.  The people at the pet store kept telling me they thought she was pretty.  She did not like leaving the store, and she was just jumping all around in her traveling cage.  Since day one, she was a biter, and I could not put her into her cage.  I had to put gardening gloves, so she wouldn't puncture her teeth into my skin.  I gave her 48 hours to get used to her new environment.  By then she did settle down a little, but she was still scared of me.  I worked with her for almost a month, and still she acted like an untamed hamster.  I was losing hope for her.  After three months, she finally stopped biting me, but she still had a lot of energy. 

I wondered if she would babies, she would be more tamed.  I got Smokey and Silvia together and she gave birth to liter of seven pups.  I noticed she was very happy to have those pups.  She was even proud of them, and move away from the nest every time I wanted to see them.  She was very responsible and kept them warm and happy.  According to her, they were not allowed to leave the nest until they were three weeks old.  She also spoiled them by letting them sleep on top of her when they were two weeks old.  Silvia didn't mind losing tons of sleep. 

With her attitude, I thought she would eat one of her pups, but she didn't.  She was too happy being a mom, and she did show it.

After getting rid of her babies when they were a month old, she started getting rough with her cage.  She would get loose and she would panic, so luckily she would try to find me and hope I would rescue her.  When I would pick her up, her whole body would melt inside my hands.  After the first time, she escaped from her cage and I found her, I finally realized that she does love me.  I didn't think she ever did before.  She has gotten out of her cage several times after that, but she would keep running to me.  I am grateful that she would find me instead of hide somewhere in my apartment.

I would say that Silvia and I have a love/hate relationship.  At times, she can be a real cute rodent, and other times, she just likes to challenge me.

Quiet Ebony

 I decided to keep two of Silvia and Smokey's babies and sell the rest.  I kept one girl and one boy.  The girl I kept was the only hamster that had dark colored fur.  By the time, she was three weeks old, she had black fur.  Her other siblings were gray colored.  I guess you can say that she is the "black sheep" in her family.  As she got older, her fur lightened to a dark brown. 

She is not at all like her parents, she is very quiet and likes to be alone.  She has a favorite spot in her cage and she'll stay there for several hours everyday.  Ebony doesn't like to be held as many times as her parents do.  Sometimes, she reminds me of some teenaged girls who like living in their own little worlds.  Since I found out that hamsters have their own personalities, I am not worried about her.  She will use her wheel every evening, which is good for her. 

Ebony does have her dad's eating habits which is interesting.  She likes to stir her food around in her bowl before eating.  She does that all the time.  I would see one of her arms diving right into that bowl and she is stirring.  Smokey does the exact same thing.  They are definately related.

My Cuddly Grayson

 When I found out that one of boys from the liter was a cuddler, I had to keep him.  She loves his head and ears petted.  He demands more attention than the rest of his family.  Grayson will climb up on the door and wait for me to open it and hold him.  He enjoys resting on my chest while I am watching television.  Twice he actually fell asleep on me.  It was sweet. 

Like his fater, Grayson loves to greet the guests.  He climbs on his door and waits for them to come to talk to him.  My family likes him and enjoys the way he loves to be held and petted.

He is a well behaved boy, and I haven't had any problems with him so far.  Knock on wood...  Well, he is very picky about his food and his snacks, and if I don't give him what he wants, he will dump his food out and he will soil them (if you know what I mean).  With that, I spoil him, so he won't waste that food and I have to keep buying more food.  Financially, it is worth spoiling him with that.


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    • profile image

      Kayleigh 21 months ago

      Ah, I wish my winter white would fall asleep on me, that's so cute. Charlie, my hamster, is a hyper, curious, and adventurous little thing. She loves her ball and roll around my room. She likes crawling all over me, and she really likes to run on her wheel. She's my first hamster, and she has made me fallen in love with hamsters. I sorta want another one.

    • profile image

      Gemma 3 years ago

      My hamster is a brown/black/grey syrian like ebony and is quite independent. He's very timid and would wake up at about 11pm if I didn't wake him myself! Although he loves sleep he doesn't mind being woken up. Apart from him being timid we've never had behavior or medical problems with him and he is now around 8 months old. He doesn't like tubes that much and doesn't like jumping but loves to run in his ball or wheel and adores climbing!

    • profile image

      lissie12345 7 years ago

      what sort of hamsters have you got , what breed are they if you get me , because i am looking for a hamster for myself

    • Kimmie10 profile image

      Kimmie10 7 years ago

      Live_Panda98, I hope you get this reply. First off, thanks for reading my passage about my hamsters. Silvia was the first hamster that really bit me. You can see her picture above. It did hurt, but I learned to wear gardening gloves when you first train your hamsters. In that way, their teeth won't puncture your fingers - you'll just feel a pinch. When you are not holding them, you can pet them with your hand, so your hamster can get used to your smell. Then after awhile, your hamster should get used to you and learn to trust you.

    • profile image

      live_panda98 7 years ago

      Hey um i was looking into getting a hamster and you would not believe how much i have learned about them in the past 3 days. Im so eager! What i am afraid of though is getting biten at first. I know that my hamster would be scared but im still very weery of that. Did it hurt when your hamster bit you?

    • profile image

      Sinniebunnie 7 years ago

      Love the post. Thank you for sharing!

    • Kimmie10 profile image

      Kimmie10 8 years ago

      Alexanderhammy, it is fun watching them running in their cages - isn't it?

    • profile image

      Alexanderhammy 8 years ago from Georgia USA

      my hammy is highly active on his wheel