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Hand Painted Glazed Stoneware Pottery Bird Houses

Updated on January 30, 2013
Hand Painted Glazed Stoneware Birdhouses
Hand Painted Glazed Stoneware Birdhouses

Actually it’s a rather brilliant concept as glazed pottery is about the only thing that will stand up to the harsh elements of 24/7- 365.

In fact glazed stoneware has already been used for years outdoors in making signs and ceramic tiles.

The problem with most bird feeders is that they are made of wood, plastic or similar materials that rot or become brittle in the hot summer sunny days.

As long as you can keep these from falling off and hitting the ground these bird houses may just last a lifetime.

These classy stoneware houses can also be used indoors as décor. They could also be incorporated or repurposed into other uses such as a small lamp base.

Ceramic bird houses measure 8-1/2" Tall with a 1" entry hole, and a drain hole on the bottom.

They come in a variety of hand painted colors or even the old style blue stripe stoneware.

Stoneware can also be personalized for $12 making them a perfect housewarming or other occasion gift.

Best of all these are USA made in a small family owned business.

Each piece is hand turned by a master potter, hand painted or finished and then coated with a lead free glaze.

You can purchase these online at the popular back-to-basics store Cottage Craft


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    • lizstevens profile image

      lizstevens 5 years ago from Houston Texas


    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      They are very nice. Do birds use them?


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