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Hartz Dog Toys Reviewed: Dog Trainers Favorite

Updated on November 19, 2010

Hartz Dog Toys Review

 Hartz Dog Toys are a great addition to your dogs toys.  I love the hartz toys some are great toys that will last a while at a low price.  Don't get me wrong their are those out their that are horrible qulaity and I don't trust their flea medicine. Their are quite a few dog toys that I will review and recommend buying so take a look and a tour with me on these Hartz Dog Toys.

 This hartz toy is great because it's a treat and a bone all in one.  Ever had that edible bone that your dog eats in seconds or that indestructible dog bone they lose interest in because they can't destroy it.  This is the middle man my dogs are still chewing on it and it's been about 3 weeks.

 Looking for a durable bone that also helps with your dogs dental problems or helps prevent them.  This dog bone will last you quite a while.  I love this toy because it helps fight tarter and helps with the bad breath.  I would reccomend this dog toy to anyone with a puppy or even older senior dog.

Dinosaur Hartz Toy

 Here is my favorite dog toy from Hartz the dinosaur bone.  This dog toy is incredible because it's super durable and really neat.  The bones comes in a couple different dino shapes and the bimples are great for the teeth and making sure that your dog won't destroy it in minutes lol.  These are hard to find so online is the place I find mine now.


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