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Head to Toe - The outfit for Horseback Riding

Updated on June 30, 2014

Anytime you try out a sport or skill for the first time, you want to be prepared. Really you should be prepared any time (Scouts honor) but when trying something that may be very different than what you normally do, such as learning to ride a horse, dressing the part is the best way to go. The outfit needed for this occasion does not include spurs, a bedazzled cowboy hat and the latest style of Wrangler Jeans; instead your outfit should be a mix of comfort and protection, with a little bit of style just for fun.

What to wear on all Exposed Skin.

Sunscreen. This is especially important if your lesson is at the hottest time of the day and there is not shade. Avoid that painful burn by applying sunscreen to any part of the body that may be exposed to the elements.

What to Sear on your Head.

A helmet is always needed while riding a horse. Even experienced riders should wear helmets because even though the horse you are riding may seem very docile in the stable, it is unpredictable and large and can easily be spooked by something; causing it to act out and cause accidental harm to its rider. Many stables will provide a helmet for your first lesson and be sure to ask if they do not. Next, sunglasses are a good idea. They are good protection from the sun, obviously, but sometimes horses do not realize that they have a person on them when they go under trees. This is coming from personal experience. A tired horse may just want to book it back to the stable and walk under trees, not realizing that there is an extra three feet of person on his back that is being stabbed by branches.

What Clothes to Wear.

Your clothes will be dependent on the weather but generally keep in mind that long pants and shirts are best. This is to avoid any run in with painful branches or ground growth if you are going on a trail ride. If it is 100 degrees out, then please do not go out wearing all long sleeves. A short sleeve shirt is acceptable but make sure it is not too baggy. If you have any questions about the terrain or time your lesson would be, ask the stable you are taking horseback riding lesson from. They are experienced professionals and will be happy to help you prepare.

What to Wear on your Feet.

Every person wants to look like the experienced cowboy and cowgirl during their time of riding a horse but sadly, that look can be pretty costly. Boots are a key part of the cowboy attire but if you are just taking a few lessons to see if you like horseback riding, don’t invest a small fortune in a great pair of boots. Tennis shoes or any close toed shoe will do the trick. If you happen to find a cheap pair of boots that you think you could wear for other occasions then by all means get them but do not stress about it.

Again, if you have any questions about what you should wear for your first horseback riding lesson, ask the professionals at your stable. They know the environment you will be taking your lesson in and can help you prepare.



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