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Healthy Recipes For Dog Treats

Updated on November 8, 2009
Oreo - Healthy and Happy Again
Oreo - Healthy and Happy Again

Recipes For Dog Treats

Over the years I have seen the benefits of good nutrition for all my pets, not just my dogs.

I am one of those folks that takes in strays and adopts animals from the local pound. These animals are usually in bad shape when they arrive and it not only takes food and love to make then happy and healthy pets, but it takes the right kind of food and nutrition.

I have helped greatly reduce a dog's seizures simply by changes in her diet. I have dealt with diabetes in a dog, heart conditions, limps and just overall poor health in dogs from being on the street way too long.

I have treated these dogs not only with vitamins and minerals but with good nutrition through food.

Oreo's Limp

I currently have a small stocky little dog that developed a severe limp in one of his back legs. He had come to me from a local humane society. He had been found crying in a steel dumpster by a fireman. They had been treating him at the shelter with steroids for a back injury which they felt had been caused by someone throwing him over into the dumpster.

They had told me that he might develop other problems with his back as he grew older. When he started limping I took him in to my vet. He did xrays and put him back on a steroid based anti-inflammation prescription. He also said that it might later require surgery.

My vet has a powder that is his own mix of a number of vitamins, minerals and herbs. I had used it successfully in years past with an older dog and her arthritis.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory meds we put Oreo on the power mix as well.

He would do better when he was taking the meds but when the prescription ran out he was back to limping again. He quit playing with the other dogs and you could tell he was very uncomfortable. He could not jump up into the car anymore and really had trouble just going up and down steps.

I was not happy continuing the meds because of its steroid base and they were not giving him total relief. After reading some of my alternative medicine material I put him on Vitamin E because others had reported success with this in dogs who had hip problems. This wasn't the solution however for Oreo.

Back to the book and I added Aleo Vera to his routine. Still didn't solve the problem.

Finally I added Bone Meal tablets and that did the trick. After a few weeks he was back to normal. No more limp and back to playing again. I have kept him on Bone Meal and we have had no more meds for months.

This is just one example of what good food and vitamins can do to keep your loving companions healthy.

With the dog that had seizures just taking her off of certain brands of canned dog food and putting her on homemade healthy dog food did wonders for her.

I am constantly looking for good recipes for dog treats and dog food and I have found a collection that you may also be interested in if you want to keep your dear companion around for many years to come.

Even if your dog is young, they may be experiencing some health problems where a change in diet could give you results that may seem like a small miracle.

Over a 50 year period John Miller has developed 245 Healthy Recipes For Dogs. You will like what you find and your pet will thank you for caring enough to feed them healthy meals and treats.

Check out Recipes For Dog Treats for more information....

Moses - Healthy and Full of Energy for Now.  I plan to eat good stuff and stay that way.
Moses - Healthy and Full of Energy for Now. I plan to eat good stuff and stay that way.


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