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Heated Dog House Pros & Cons -Should You Buy A Heated Dog House?

Updated on January 16, 2011

Is A Heated Dog House For Your Dog?

A heated dog house can be a great idea if your own a dog and live in an area where it is cold... at least over the winter months.

However it may not be the right idea for all dogs, there are aspects to consider that will add up to the conclusion if you should or should not buy a heated dog house.

Keep reading through this page to learn why heated dog houses are good and why a heated dog house could also be bad for your pooch.

Heated Dog House Cons

A heated dog house in cold weather makes perfect sense. You want the best for your dog and you want your furry friend to be comfortable.

However there are reasons that you should not buy a heated dog house for your dog. Let us first talk about why not and next we will move onto the positive.

If you live in a old area and your dog lives outside. Meaning he never, or very very frequently comes indoors then a heated dog house is for the msot part NOT for your dog.

Yes, it is cold out in the weather and you should have a normal dog house for them but a heated dog house will actually make it harder for your dog to go outside and adjust to the weather.

Outdoor animals no matter pets or wild animals will adjust to the harsh weather conditions. Animals with fur will shed their fur coat with the change of seasons. Meaning they have a heavier fur coat in the colder months if they are exposed to the cold. However if their dog house is heated their fur coat will not change and make it very hard for them to go out at all.

Heated Dog Beds?

You could buy a heated dog bed for your pup but there are also reasons that these are not the best as well. Starting with the fact that heated beds or pads or whatever else can be damaging to your dog's skin, especially if the heat is exposed to your dog's bare skin it can cause skin irrigation, problems and even infections. Consider this option carefully.

Heated Dog House Pros

However if you have a indoor dog who goes out on occasion than a heated dog house could be just the thing for your dog. It will give them a place to stay warm while they are out there since their fur coat is not likely adjusted to the harsh weather conditions.

So for instance if you put your dog out of the house when you go out but your pooch is allowed in while you are home then a heated dog house would be the ultimate option!

There are specially dog houses that are designed to be heated dog houses. Looking into one of these is a great option, especially if you have the money to do so. However there are other options that are more affordable that may suit your needs better. A lot of portable heaters for dog houses are on the market.

Now you need to know that you should NOT put a normal space heater into your dog's house. This can tip over catch on something and become a fire hazard. It is best to only use items that are specifically designed to heat your dog's dog house.

I hope you've learned a bit here and hopefully this information will help you decided if you are going to buy a heated dog house.


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