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Heavy Duty Dog Crates

Updated on December 6, 2010

Dog Crates that are Heavy Duty

Nothing is worse than coming home and having your dog running around your house when you swear you caged him. Heavy Duty Dog Crates are the perfect way to prevent this since they can't be bent half as easily. These crates are on wheels for easy movement and also lock to stay in place.

Dogs can destroy regular metal crates easily. Pitbulls would be the biggest culprit of this since they have such a powerful jaw and dedication to getting something done they set their mind to. That's why I love any dog their heart and determination is awesome. This heavy duty dog crate is perfect for Pitbulls, Labs, Shepards, Huskies, Mastiffs and more. This crate is meant to hold everyone and everything.

Heavy Duty Dog Crate Vs Normal Metal Crate

The Heavy Duty Dog Crate:

  • Thick Gauged Metal Bars
  • Locking Wheels Come With It.
  • Easy to tear down and set up.
  • Escape Artist and Power Jaw Proof
  • Helps with dogs with Separation Anxiety
  • You can upgrade the lock on the crate with hardware from the store.
  • 70 lbs shipping weight

Regular Dog Crate

  • Light weight but flimsy bars
  • Bars on crate are usually 18-20 Gauge wire
  • Easy to move and break down
  • About a third the price
  • Great for everyday dogs and crate training
  • Not for powerful dogs, separation anxiety, or power jaws

Dog Crate For Pitbulls

This Heavy-duty Crate has the bars welded it also has stout door latches, and a floor grate, removable tray & four removable wheels for added mobility that also lock for those overactive dogs. The top part can be open for easy access of the dog so that you can touch them, and check up on them. I liked that the cage came pretty much pre-assembled and only took me about 2 minutes to put together because there were no instructions but it starts going pretty quickly up.  Pit bulls are known for that powerful jaw and are not afraid to use it to get out of a crate especially those ones from those retail stores.

Reasons I love this crate

I love this crate because of the durability but I did have a few problems with it but it's easy to make modifications to it.  The latch on the top is a little shakey but you can buy a lock from the home depot and make it better.  Also some people have had problems with the weld being broken but I never had that problem.  Because the crate is so large they compensate you for epoxying it back together.  I had a few questions about the crate and latches when I got it and the help was awesome and they took their time to explain things.  The standard mats for crates fit these as well as the screw on water and food dishes, also the water bottle.  So give this heavy duty dog crate a shot I promise you'll love it.


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    • jdavis88 profile image

      Joseph Davis 

      8 years ago from Florida

      Nice hub. I may keep this in mind for my bloodhound.


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