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Help My Dog is Diagnosed With Depression

Updated on May 21, 2011


Depression is a feeling of being in a melt-down, and in a sway of moods, lower in spirit mostly all your waking hours. If it lingers for a long time, it can be an illness. We are doing your utmost in a haste, addressing the issue straight away. Yes it can be funny and hard to believe but our canine friends can get the blues too. Dog depression can be serious so, as a member of our family, it needs to be addressed properly (

As animals like rats and dogs are being used as human stand-in illness studies, thus researcher sees the same responses to both animals and human when it comes to behavioural changes.

Symptoms worth watching for:

  1. Is your dog dog less active and enthusiastic than his usual self?
  2. He is always sleepy and not eating voraciously, might be strange
  3. Sleeping most of the time and not displaying interest on his usual plays for longer.

If that is the case might as well take him to the vet for an all around check-up and some tests done. Any neglect may result in more serious problems, like weight loss, dehydration and extreme dangerous behavioral changes.

What medicine would help

When cleared of any physical illness, it maybe to time to assess him for clinical depression. There are cases that light antidepressants of the right dosage can put back our pooch’s playfulness.

Something to look at is his lifestyle

Is he getting enough exercise? You too can walk away the blues together with your dogs, they need a feel of fresh air just like you. Give him a free rein playing around the park with mates. How about his nutrition and vitamins taking, talk to your vet, he may not be receiving the right dosage and it is creating some chemical imbalances

How we love our dogs that, everytime something happens to any, feels like loosing a sibling or a beloved child. The same goes for our pets, dogs have strong feelings for their masters, you cannot outdone the animal’s loyalty. And when fellow pets get sick or dies, the impact is too big for them to carry, there will surely be a period of grieving for the poor ones. Any unexpected change can be felt hard by your pooch for they are part of the household. Loosing a family member, death, moving out, getting married or separation. Nonetheless dogs are survivors like human beings give it a time and it will soon be a fresh start again.


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    • profile image

      lenie rinen 6 years ago

      hi! thanks for reading, yeah i do not know that they can get the blues too. i've a canine friend from my neighbor who's master is always out the whole day and home only at night. you can see him just looking longingly at people from the fence, he looks bored, just wondering .....

    • Dolores Monet profile image

      Dolores Monet 6 years ago from East Coast, United States

      I imagine that a dog can get depressed if it spends too much time alone. Dogs are such social animals and solitude is unnatural for them.

    • joriechew profile image

      joriechew 6 years ago

      We can buy a fine dog but only love will make it wag its tail. If we have a dog at home, they are a part of the family unfortunately they are unable to speak.

      I agree with you, we should seek a dog expert advice when we notice any behavioral changes in our dog.