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Miniature Horse has a New Job

Updated on August 17, 2017
Krystyna Faroe profile image

Krystyna first wrote children's books about events that happened on Harmony Farm. Later she wrote dystopian fantasy in the Elanclose series.

The Rescue of Snowball

In early August 2016 Snowball a Miniature Horse arrived at Harmony Farm. He'd been found on Freedom Valley Horse Rescue's website, listed as "foundered pony in need of home or he'll be euthanized." The picture showed a tiny, white, sad looking Miniature Horse. It was enough to make Krystyna the owner of Harmony Farm pick up the phone and go out to see him.

She was surprised to see how poor his condition actually was. She'd seen founder but not to this extent. His feet were so painful that he could hardly move to get away from the attention he was receiving from the three people crowding him. She held back a little reviewing the situation and wondering if it was kinder to put him down. Stepping forward she noticed he didn't pull back from her. When his head dropped in sad resignment as she gently stroked him she knew she had to try and save him

He arrived at the farm looking a little better for having his feet done but he was still very sore. Also, he did not want anyone near him. She guessed that getting his feet trimmed had been very uncomfortable. She was relieved it had been done, now he had a chance to grow a normal foot.

He was given daily doses of pentoxiphylin which helped ease his pain. His feet were taken care of regularly by a farrier and his movement improved.

Gradually he accepted pats on his head and the brushing of his mane and back. His mood changed little by little until he became friendlier and started to greet people walking into the field.

Snowball became Snowy and as his mobilty grew his character improved to be more interactive with humans and animals. A horse that cannot run can't escape from danger and Krystyna realized this had been his problem. He'd not only been in pain, he'd been fearful.

Snowy was just the beginning. Saving his life and watching his improvement encouraged Krystyna to purchase more rescue horses and ponies.

Harmony Farm - August, 2017.

The Harmonious Horses and Ponies of Harmony Farm Rice Lake
The Harmonious Horses and Ponies of Harmony Farm Rice Lake


Snowball a Miniature Horse who'd foundered and was to be euthanized.
Snowball a Miniature Horse who'd foundered and was to be euthanized. | Source

What do you know about Miniature Horses?

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How's Snowy Now?

Snowy has come a long way. His feet are now the way they should be. He is trotting and cantering around the fields, where he likes to throw in the odd buck. His best friend is a 16.3hh retired dressage horse who is jet black. Snowy has been known to take shade underneath his friend who will only take it for so long before giving him a little knock with a back leg to move him out of the way. I guess not all horses want to be four legged umbrellas!

Snowy and the Harmonious Horses and Ponies

Snowy grazing with his Harmonious Horse and Pony friends.
Snowy grazing with his Harmonious Horse and Pony friends. | Source

Snowy's Job

Snowy has a new job and he loves it. He enjoys children and playing games. Through the Harmonious Riding Program he works with younger children interacting with them in games by running around objects, playing musical stands and going over obstacles. He has a great time being their little friend. He is also small enough for four year olds to comfortably sit on and be led around the round pen.

His nature is cheerful and friendly and the children love him. They groom him, lead him and hug him. His small stature makes him less intimidating than the larger ponies and horses.

Snowy gives them a mischievous look and everyone smiles wondering what naughty little gesture he might be thinking about. Generally, it is something like knocking a bucket over with a swift swing of his head as he circles it, adding a joyful little leap to his step as he humours himself in his own way. His student partner runs on giggling.

All in all he's a great guy to have in a the Harmonious Riding Program.

Snowy at the Games Day 2016


What Snowy Started

After Snowy, Harmony Farm took in eleven equines in need. They range from possibly being euthanized like Snowy, going to the meat man, standing in a field waiting for training (which is hard for an owner if they're working full-time) or they have anxiety, are difficult to handle or have flipped the switch and given up listening to their riders.

These horses like Snowy have found a job within the Harmonious Riding Program. They have taken to it with enthusiasm and love the students.

The program not only rehabilitates horses but children and people too. Horses are therapy and the riding program strives to bring about relief from stress and illness on both sides, of horse and rider. The results have been amazing with immense joy for horse, pony and student.

© 2017 Krystyna Faroe


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