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New York Carriage Horses Protest

Updated on May 20, 2014
New York carriage horse, looks like fun but it is not.
New York carriage horse, looks like fun but it is not. | Source

Update on Banning Carriage Horses

As of the latest notice I have, there is a debate still going on between the mayor of New York Mr. de Blasio and people who want them banned and others that see the horses as being an important addition to New York City. It was just said on the news that most New Yorkers do not support a ban. The mayor they say was especially elected because he said he would do something about the horses.

I do not think that is really true. I know that many New Yorkers recognize the fact that the horses are mistreated. Most of them are older horses and it is difficult them to pull the carriages with the tourists in them in the first place. The general idea is that they will have to go and get their kicks elsewhere. I read that most New Yorkers do not use the horse carriages. It is something that is left mainly to the tourists.

It is not that I exactly blame the tourists as I was one myself. It must seem like a good idea. The horses are beautiful and it is a nice day. It seems a good way to see the park. Many of them are just not treated right.

I have seen the horses being whipped. They are tired and are not given breaks. It is a constant headache to a person living in New York City that is sensitive at all to see them. Besides the general mistreatment, they can be killed on the street. The traffic is dangerous with cars, buses and taxis.

There are those that say that the horses are good as they are. They see them as being a welcome addition to New York. It is not longer a good thing to see the constant bad treatment.

Mary Tyler Moore Animal Rights Advocate

At awards ceremony
At awards ceremony | Source

New York and the Carriage Horses

When I was in New York City I would see the New York carriage horses. Sometimes the horses there can be mistreated. There is a serious protest going on right now in New York City. I just looked at the Save the Carriage Horses website and it has a recent announcement on it about a move to stop the use of the carriage horses in the city.

There has been in New York City for some time now, a protest movement going on to stop the use of carriage horses in the city. It is because of the mistreatment of the horses that they want to stop them being used. They are calling it an outdated practice. They are overworked and not working under good conditions. People that see them and care about animals protest the treatment.

The horses' condition has been investigated for years in the city. There have been complaints to the animal protection agencies. When the city investigated the different company buildings that the horses are kept in, they found that many of the places were not passing their inspection. They were not keeping the horses in good conditions there after the day was done. The horses were working for too long hours in the day. Some of the different carriage horse companies were better than others.

It is too heavy a load for the horses to carry. The tourists crowd in on the carriages with too many people. The horses that are there have already had a lifetime of work usually. New York has heavy traffic and it is no place for horses. The treatment that they get is not good at all. New Yorkers usually don't use the carriages.

One of the horses in years past was electrocuted in an accident in New York City. Other accidents have happened before in New York. The police have horses but they are pretty well taken care of. The horses are mainly sold by the Amish farmers that use them in Pennsylvania to the companies in New York City. Some say that at least they are here that way and working.

Alec Baldwin


"Blinders" Premiere Animal Rights in NYC

Celebrities Protesting Carriage Horse Treatment

This next section is about the famous celebrity activists that have attempted to help the carriage horses in New York City. They realize that it is a problem and have done everything that they can to try and bring it to the public's attention. I had read before that Mary Tyler Moore was working with helping the carriage horses. She was working with Save the Carriage Horses.

I also saw on PETA that Alec Baldwin was doing something to protest about the plight of carriage horses there. He used the character on his TV show "30 Rock" to show how he cared about the carriage horses in New York City. He is a celebrity that has been working to show the public about what is happening to the carriage horses there in New York City.

Pink, the singer, was being an activist and protesting about the carriage horses also. I think it is wonderful that they are doing that.

There is more information about this on the PETA website. PETA does a good job for helping animals in the United States. It does what it can to keep them safe. I have also attached a link to the Save the Carriage Horses website that tells more about what is happening to the horses in New York City.

The Life of a Carriage Horse in New York City

Pink the Singer for Save the Horses

Pink with PETA t shirt
Pink with PETA t shirt | Source

Mary Tyler Moore TV show

Mary and Rhoda
Mary and Rhoda | Source


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      M Ziel 4 years ago from San Francisco

      Protests have been going on in different cities to protest their treatment. Just being helpful to the cause will help it.

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      What can I do to help Carriage Horses?

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