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Highland Pony Facts and Information

Updated on May 16, 2011

Highland Pony History

The Highland Pony is a breed of pony that originated in Scotland around the 16'th century. During that time Highland Ponies were mixed with Spanish Horses and French Ponies. Later in the 1800's breeds similar to Hackney Ponies, Fell Ponies, Dale Ponies, and the Arabian Horse were also added to the Scottish Highland Ponies in order create a more sufficient breed of pony.

Today, there is only one variation of Highland Pony, but originally these animals came in two distinct types known as Western Isles and the Mainlands. In time the two pony breeds were bred with each other until they were only one breed of pony.

scottish highland ponies picture
scottish highland ponies picture

Highland Pony Appearance

The Scottish Highland Ponies display very attractive heads that carry many similarities to the Arabian Horse. Their ears are short and slightly pointed. This pony breed exhibits beautiful dark large eyes. The Highland Pony is very well put together with a strong sturdy built, deep chest, long neck, powerful legs, and thick quarters that make these horses a great choice for working out on the fields, driving, and as riding ponies. Highland Ponies are not are greatly versatile with their working skills, but they're also brave and courageous ponies that will tackle even the most difficult of tasks.

Highland Ponies are considerably tall when compared to other ponies and usually stand up to 14.2 hh in height. The Highland Pony may come in Gray, Bay, Dun, and Black coats.


Highland Pony Temperament

The Highland Pony temperament tends to be calm and welcoming towards people. Highland Ponies are highly tolerable of adults and children that many horses and ponies would never stand for. The Scottish Highland Ponies definitely display some of the best temperaments of all the pony breeds. That's why I rate the Highland Pony with a score of Five out of Five Stares for Pony Temperament.

Highland Pony Society or the HighlandPonySociety

If you would like to learn more about Highland Ponies, own a Highland Pony, or would like to find some purebred Highland Pony Sales then the Highland Pony Society is possibly a great option for you to check out. The Highland Pony Society is an official society that offers just about everything to help you out with your Highland Pony needs. The Highland Pony Society has newsletters, study days, pony meetings, and more.

Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club

If you live in the United States, the Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club of America is definitely an even better option for you to join in order to find Highland Pony Sales, Important Highland Pony Information, Highland Pony Breeders, and people who own Highland Ponies. Also, another plus to the Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club is that they're in a partnership with the Highland Pony Society.

Highland Pony
Highland Pony

Highland Pony Talk

If you're not sure about joining the Highland Pony Society or the Highland Pony Enthusiasts Club or America, you can always go the Highland Pony Talk to discuss with other who own this pony breed, how to find good quality Highland Pony Breeders , Highland Pony sales, and if a Highland Pony is right for you. Personally I think that discussion boards like Highland Pony Talk are by far some of the best places to find out from a personal experience basis about pony and horse breeds .


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