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Controversial book on cats

Updated on September 4, 2017


Calling all cat owners, especially those whose cat is diabetic, this book “Your Cat: Simple New Secrets to a Longer, Stronger Life” is a must-read for you.

About the Author

Dr Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, ESQ is a highly respected expert in feline health. She is a veterinarian of about 30 years and is the owner of a cats health and wellness centre in California. A U.S. and international patent for a novel and highly successful approach to managing feline diabetes has been awarded to her.

Controversial book on Cats

Above controversial book was published in October 2008. In her book, Dr Hodgkins drew attention to the serious flaws in the commercial diets of cats and the nutritional diseases that result. Having been a Director of Technical Affairs at Hills Pet Nutrition, (one of the major global pet food players), Dr Hodgkins has a good knowledge of manufacturing process of pet food.

Revolutionary approach to feline diabetes

Dr Hodgkins’ approach to feline diabetes is different from traditional protocols. She has developed a protocol that aims to lower the cat’s blood glucose levels to below 100 mg/dl. This technique can cause permanent remissions in majority of cases of even chronically ill cats.

She named her protocol “Tight Regulation” and has three indispensable parts:-

(1) proper diet for the diabetic cat - diet is a critical and early step in treating feline diabetes;

(2) proper insulin therapy- PZI insulin is recommended as it is the best for cats;

(3) combination of proper diet and drug therapy (i.e. right insulin) to restore the cat to normal pancreatic function.

The goal of this protocol is to restore the ailing cat to its previous health without need for insulin.

One of the unique features of “Tight Regulation” is the usage of a glucometer at home to test the cat’s blood sugar levels 3 to 4 times a day. Insulin doses are then adjusted according to the blood glucose reading at each test.

Contents of book

This controversial book shows you a revolutionary approach to feline health and happiness. It is a guide to modern-day cat-care, explaining everything cat owners need to know. Important issues such as feline diabetes, how to read a pet food label, cat obesity, latest treatment options for cat diseases, etc all can be found in this book.

Indispensable manual for cat owners

According to Dr Hodgkins, diabetes in cat can be prevented by avoiding all types of dry cat food as these have extremely high processed carb (essentially sugar) content. To equip us with the necessary cat-care knowledge, her book is an indispensable manual for all cat owners.

In modern day homes, pet cats are considered part of the family. We should give the best cat-care that we can afford, and especially in the case of a sick and ailing cat, lots of patience and love.

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