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Holiday Gifts for Your Dog

Updated on July 7, 2014

Our pets are part of the family. They listen when we talk to them, they snuggle and play, and they love us unconditionally. Of course they should be included in the holiday festivities! If your home includes some canines, here are some ideas on what to spoil them with this holiday season. Consider these gifts whether it's Christmas, your pet's birthday, or any other day you want to celebrate!

1) Toys!

Many dogs are playful by nature. They like to run, chew, and chaseā€¦so they need toys! Toys can be rubber, plush, nylon and more. They can have squeakers or other additions to make noise. Some even have compartments for treats, rewarding your furry friend for playing! Some common types of toys are tennis balls, rope toys, stuffed animals, Frisbees, and chew bones. To get the best toy for your dog, consider what they like to do best - whether it's playing fetch, snuggling up, playing tug-of-war, or chewing on stuff (hopefully not your furniture).

2) Treats!

If your dog could tell you what they wanted, it would probably be TREATS! What dog doesn't love to chow down on a special snack? Stuff your pet's stocking with a variety of healthy treats like biscuits, rawhides, dental chews, and bones.

3) Clothes!

Show off your dog's sense of style by getting them some cute sweaters, bandanas, t-shirts, booties, or coats for the holidays. It can be a great gift, especially for smaller dogs that tend to get colder in the winter seasons. Doggie clothing comes in all kinds of colors and designs, so you can show off your pet's personality. Function and fashion, what more could a pup ask for?

4) Dog Beds!

Your dog spends a lot of his day snoozing and relaxing, so why not get him a super comfortable dog bed this holiday? Chances are, the right dog bed will become your pet's go to spot for chilling out during the day. Every pup likes to have their own designated area, and a doggie bed can be just the place. Make sure to get a dog bed that is a good size for them to stretch out on or curl up in, whatever they are in the mood for! Dog beds can be as simple as a mat and as fancy as a heated lounge.

5) Grooming Supplies!

Your pet wants to look and feel their best. You can help them out by brushing and grooming them. Consider getting them some brushes for the holidays. The right brush will depend on your dog's fur type. Longhaired dogs may need more grooming, but your shorthaired pal will love to be brushed too! Make brushing a daily activity for you and your dog as a great bonding activity. Not only will your dog be happier, but you'll be able to spend money on professional grooming fees.

When shopping for your friends and family this holiday season, don't forget your furry pals as well! They're easy to shop for, and there's no doubt that they'll love whatever you get them.


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    • melfina profile image

      melfina 5 years ago from WI, USA

      Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the hub, and your feedback is much appreciated! I hope you and your pets enjoy the holidays :)

    • sandy1973mypetdog profile image

      sandy1973mypetdog 5 years ago from the south

      I really enjoyed reading this hub. I like the way this hub is set up, it makes for easy reading and it is very interesting, especially to pet owners like myself.