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Your Dog's Health and Fitness over the Holidays

Updated on October 13, 2008

I admit it, I have been guilty of tossing the dog some bit of meat either because I wanted to share my bliss or he was giving me "the look".

We think these treats or nibbles are OK, but overall, a lot of the stuff we eat is not good at all for dogs. Especially during holidays, the foods we cook, buy, and bring home tend to be particularly bad for dogs since they tend to be richer and fattier. Wouldn't you know, t'is the season for mucho leftovers.

Giving dogs food they aren't used to, even a new kind of dog food, can easily lead to an upset stomach. More serious problems, both immediate and long-term, also can occur when pets help devour the holiday meal. Exercise caution to keep your pup safe for many holidays to come.

  • Too much fat is one of the causes of pancreatitis, which can result in mild vomiting to potentially life-threatening illness. Even if you give your dog just the meat, don't give pan drippings, gravy, fat or skin.
  • Be very careful not to let your pets get at the bones. Poultry bones like turkey and chicken can splinter and they can stick in the esophagus, where they are hard to reach.
  • Another potential risk is onions in stuffing or side dishes. Too many onions can cause red blood cells to break down and cause anemia. Even onion powder can put the dog at risk.
  • For dogs that tend to eat first and ask questions later, the danger can be not just food, but things may be included with the edibles. Things like toothpicks and bone splinters can show up in the stomach or other organs weeks and months later. Don't let your dog lie on the kitchen floor where things are dropped. And if she is not trained to stay out of the garbage, use a can with a lid. Your dog may be capable of surprising feats when inspired by food

If you can tackle the holidays with a plan of action, you are on the road to better fitness for not just your dog but you as well.Read the full article here.


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    • profile image

      Chris Miller 9 years ago

      WOW great hub. Good detailed formulas for food. I find that dogs love a homemade diet. Remember “Nothing says loving like something from the oven” …. well true for our dogs as much as us .