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Home Cooking for Your Allergy Prone Pet (Recipe)

Updated on January 18, 2018
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Alison has been practicing Animal Communication for over twelve years. She has a certificate from The Gurney Institute.

Fido wins the watermelon eating contest.
Fido wins the watermelon eating contest. | Source

Natural Foods For Allergies

8 Tips For Dealing With Your Allergy Prone Pet

1. Pets have allergies just like people. They have reactions to many of the same stimuli that people do including food and environment. They can also have seasonal allergies just like humans. However their reaction to allergens is a lot different. Pets react to allergens mostly with skin problems. Knowing this up front can give you an idea of where you must go next to help manage your pets allergies. Take processed food out of their diet and replace it with whole natural foods.

2. There is no cure for allergies. Most allergies are inherited, so an allergy prone dog should not be bred. With proper nutrition and supplements your pet’s allergies can be successfully managed. Your vet should have some good ideas about home-cooking. If not check my article on find a vet that advocates home-cooking and read my article 7 Reasons To Home-Cook For Your Pet.

3. Some of the most common symptoms of allergies are: itching, chewing feet, biting by tail, licking, ear infections and rubbing their face on the carpet. Unless you are prepared to spend thousands of dollars on testing the best way to diagnose allergies is to take everything out of their diet and reintroduce them slowly. A vet can help you start the process. I recommend finding a vet that is for home-cooking. It is easier to find out what your pet is allergic to if you know exactly what is going into their body.

4. Food allergies are very common in dogs, especially if they are on a “commercial diet”. A lot of pets are allergic to the additives, preservatives, grain, coloring and soy used in commercial pet food. To keep the immune system strong and allergies at bay a good home-cooked diet is your best ally.

5. Dogs can have environmental allergies too. These can make your pet miserable because they react when they come into contact with a stimuli and it is next to impossible to really know what outside substance is the one setting them off. A strong immune system is your best defense for combating allergy symptoms. An all-natural home-cooked diet is a great way to get and keep your pet healthy.

6. Over the counter treatments such as Benadryl that can help keep your pet from itching. Unless your dog is allergic, omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids found in fish oils are great for dry flaky skin.

7. Give your dog a cool baths with oatmeal shampoo and Epsom salts which helps to sooth hot spots. Natural sprays and ointments are also good for putting directly on trouble areas.

8. If allergies are extreme you will need to see your vet for treatment. They can prescribe medications such as steroids and antihistamines. Your best results will come by combining veterinarian treatments with an all natural treatments. Please check with your vet for help in designing a diet for your pet.

Venison & Potatoes

10oz Venison (diced or ground)

8oz Yukon Gold Potatoes Diced & boiled)

4oz Yams Cooked & cut up

2 oz Broccoli (cooked & chopped)

2 oz Carrots (cooked & chopped)

Boil meat in water olive oil & a little garlic set aside. dice & boil potatoes, wash yam poke holes & pop in microwave for 3-5min. cook carrots & broccoli. In large bowl mix all ingredients. I sometimes add a little of the meat juice if the recipe needs more liquid. Serve warm. This amount feeds an 85lb dog. Feed according the what you normally feed your dog & refrigerate the rest. Lasts up to three days in frig.


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