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Home Cooked Healthy Dog Food Recipes

Updated on September 15, 2010
My homefed Bichons
My homefed Bichons

Why make home cooked meals for dogs?

 I had always thought that trying to cook meals for our dogs would be a lot of work and not necessary, as long as I used a high quality kibble and canned food.  But then one of our dogs developed diabetes, and another epilepsy, and when our Jenny with epilepsy starting vomiting up her food after meals, I decided to dig a little deeper.  Even the best dog foods, balanced though they are, contain a considerable amount of filler ingredients and additives.  And who knows what kind of meat is actually used?  Thanks to my good friend, Gaile, who is involved in Bichon Frise rescue, I have made the following recipes.  My dogs LOVE them, and are thriving, even the picky eater! 

Wholesome Homemade Dog Food Recipe

 8 ounces cooked meat (examples: skinless, boneless chicken, lean ground beef, ground turkey, boneless fish, or lamb)

1 cup cooked carbohydrates (examples: rice, oatmeal or cooked whole grain cereal)

1 cup chopped cooked vegetables (examples: broccoli, carrots, squash, peas, green beans, cauliflower)

2 Tablespoons sardines or liver

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

1/2 teaspoon bonemeal (this is usually available online)

1 vitamin and mineral supplement (powdered, such as Nupro)

Mix together.  I recommend freezing in small batches what you don't expect to feed that day, as the sardines start to smell after a day!

Easy Lowfat Homemade Dog Food

Cottage cheese, cooked egg and or chicken - 50% of total

Cooked oatmeal or torn up pieces of whole wheat bread - 30% of total

Canned pumpkin (plain, no spices) - 20% of total

Add bonemeal and vitamin if this is used for more than an occasional meal.  It's fast to prepare, and dogs love it.  While it has a lot of protein, the protein is of high quality and the dog will have no problem digesting it.

Calcium and vitamins

 Dogs need calcium in their diet for healthy bones and teeth.  One good source is ground eggshells.  Rinse them, dry them and pulverize them in a blender or through a clean coffee grinder.

Bone meal is also helpful for this purpose.  Make sure it is for canine use, not gardening!

A vitamin/mineral supplement will help fill in any missing nutrients.

Do you have recipes?

Please feel free to add your own recipes in the comments below.  The more we can share, the more options we will have! 


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    • worthink profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      One of my dogs is 12 and eats the same mixtures as our 5 year old. Unless there is an underlying illness, there's no reason to feed differently. Some commercial dog foods make a senior version with less protein or fewer calories because seniors are less active. I find that they just eat less if they are less active.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Do you have any senoir dog food recipes? My muttt is over 9 and I want a balanced recipe for him.

    • worthink profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Do you know if your dog had struvite stones or calcium oxylate stones? If you don't know, call and ask your vet. If they were struvite (most likely, because females usually get these) then you really don't need a special diet except to make sure she gets plenty of water. Struvite stones are caused by infection, not by diet. The special diet is very high in water, so will help to dissolve any remaining stones or crystals, but should not be given for a long time because it is not very nutritious. Vets will recommend a special diet, but there is no need for it.

      If they were calcium oxylate stones, there is a need to watch the diet. The best place to get this information is to join the yahoo group k9kidneydiet and look in the archives for the "Fuzzer Food" recipes. They will have the correct balance of phosphorus, calcium, etc. that is needed to prevent calcium oxylate bladder stones.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Do you have any home cooked recipies for dogs with bladder stones. I have a teacup poodle who recently underwent emergency surgery to have 54 stones removed. It almost killed her. The vet recommended Hills G/d diet.



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