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Dog Grooming at Home

Updated on October 7, 2012

Grooming Dogs at Home

Dog grooming is a necessity, yet does not have to cost a fortune. Bathing dogs is only one aspect of dog grooming. Trimming their coat and nails and checking their teeth to prevent unwanted dental problems are also important to a dog's routine grooming. Some aspects of grooming are done on an as needed basis, while some other grooming needs to be done regularly.

Grooming needs will vary with different breeds of dogs. Skin and coat are one thing to consider. Some dogs shed, while others must get routine trims. The skin of certain breeds may be dryer, be more sensitive, or various other differences. Before beginning a grooming routine, check online to see what is recommended for your pet.

Bathing is Only a Part of Grooming
Bathing is Only a Part of Grooming
Grooming Tools
Grooming Tools

Grooming Supplies

A few tools for grooming those four-legged companion will be needed. Dog grooming needs will vary with different breeds and the climate of the region the dog lives. A dog's coat should be brushed daily. This reduces loose unwanted hair. Different brushes are designed for different coat types. For short haired dogs a soft brush is best so the skin doesn't become irritated. Shedding combs and/or stiff bristle brushes are more suited for dogs with long hair.

Grooming clippers or scissors can be purchased and are suited for trimming a dog's fur. Scissors are good for trimming around the eyes and ears. For shaving or thinning a dog's coat, clippers should be used.

Nail clippers especially designed for trimming a dog's toenails should be used to make sure nails get trimmed correctly. Care must be taken to make sure that not to cut down into the quick, hurting the dog. Pet owners that are unsure about performing nail care for a dog may want to have this done by a groomer.

Plaque buildup can be prevented by brushing the dog's teeth with a pet toothbrush from your local neighborhood pet shop, or a child's soft bristle toothbrush. Use only toothpaste made for dogs, or you can use a mixture of baking soda and water. Human toothpaste tends to make dogs sick. Excessive plaque buildup will have to be removed by a veterinarian.

Grooming Tips Video

When to Groom

Pet grooming of any sort should be done at a time when your dog is not hungry, angry, or too full of energy. Grooming should also be done somewhere the pet enjoys being. For the full spa treatment clean the eyes and ears. Excess hair, wax, and debris needs to be cleansed gently from the ears. For stains under the pet's eyes, a mixture of peroxide and water usually cleans well.

Keep dogs on a regular grooming routine to help them get used to being groomed. Grooming at home can save a lot of money when considering the cost of a professional against the cost of a home grooming kit. Dogs also tend to do much better at home and this saves owners the hassle of dragging them to a groomer.


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