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Home Remedy for Dog mange - Treat Canine Mange at Home

Updated on April 1, 2013

Need a home remedy for dog mange?

You might if your dog has red, crusty sores and is losing hair in patches. These are signs of mange on a dog. When your dog has these signs, he needs treatment. The problem is that treatment by a vet is expensive. The best way to take care of your dog the way he deserves and without breaking your budget is to find an easy dog mange treatment for home use.

Here are the two main forms of dog mange and how you can treat them at home, save money and give your poor dog some much needed relief.

Home Remedy for Dog Mange

Get rid of mange on a dog with an easy home remedy.
Get rid of mange on a dog with an easy home remedy. | Source

Canine Mange - Two Different Types

Demodectic and Sarcoptic are the two main types of dog mange. They have many of the same symptoms, but Sarcoptic is highly contagious to not only other dogs, but to all other animals and even humans. So, it is important to know the difference.

Sarcoptic scabiei are parasites responsible for causing Sarcoptic mange. They affect dogs that are healthy and it is spread easily from your dog to other animals. Sarcoptic mange is very contagious because the mites are able to live for several days even though they aren't on the host.

This means that if some of the mites fall off your dog onto his bedding or in the house, any other animals or humans can pick these mites up and become infected.

Demodectic mange isn't contagious. Another name for Demodectic mange is Red Mange and is caused by a mite called the demodex canis. Dogs that are affected by mange of this type are either puppies, older dogs, or dogs that are in poor health.

Dogs have small colonies of these mites on them at all times. Puppies can get Demodectic mange from their mother because their immune systems aren't developed. Older or unhealthy dogs develop mange when the colonies increase in number. Their immune systems aren't functioning properly and they can't handle the increased number of mites. When this happens, your dog developes multiple sores and possibly secondary infections.

Treat Your Dog Well

Use the right home remedy for dog mange to give your dog the care he needs.
Use the right home remedy for dog mange to give your dog the care he needs. | Source

Canine Mange - Which Kind?

Because Sarcoptic mange is contaigious it's important to know which kind of mange your dog has.

With Sarcoptic mange, you'll see sores that look almost the same as the ones caused by Demodectic mange. But with Sarcoptic canine mange,the mites burrow deep into the dog's skin, so the scratching is much more intense. Because the itching is more intense, the sores will be more severe. With mange of this type, the dog will have red pustules on their skin with yellow crusts.

When Dogs have Demodectic mange, you'll see red, irritated skin with crusty sores that often look moist or greasy. The mites that cause Demodectic mange live in the hair follicles and is the reason the dogs will often lose hair first surrounding the sore.

Puppies that get Demodectic mange from their mothers usually outgrow it if they only have a few sores. If the dog is older, unhealthy or the sores cover more of their body, your dog will need treatment.

Easy and Effective Home Remedy for Dog Mange

You will need to take your dog to a vet if you want your dog's mange officially diagnosed. The vet will gently "scrape" your dog's sores and look at the scrapings using a microscope. By looking at the scrapings with a microscope, the vet can see the type of mite the dog has. The type of mite determines the type of mange.

If you're not concerned about an official diagnosis, it is usually easy to know when your dog has canine mange. The sores, hair loss, and the biting and scratching are all signs of mange. It's important to get a correct diagnosis, but if your dog only has a mild case of mange, try a home treatment before you spend the money at the vet.

Treatments using Lime Plus and Happy Jack are the best home remedy for mange. Lime Plus comes in various forms and you can buy the ready-to-use gallon bottles or a concentrate that you dilute and use as a dip, rinse, or spray. Lime Plus is effective because it has lime solution of 97.8% that kills dog mange mites. It is also a keratolytic and an antiseptic.

Another easy and effective home remedy for dog mange is Happy Jack. This product treats mange and other dog skin problems your dog may have. Happy Jack is a favorite of dog owners and gets rid of dog mange while giving them relief from the itching and scratching. You can find both of these products at a local pet store or order them online.

You'll need to dip or apply the products for 4 to 6 weeks so you kill the mites as they hatch when using these products. Lime Plus and Happy Jack kill mites, but not the eggs. For dogs that have more severe mange, you might have to dip them for as many as 14 weeks.

If your dog has Demodectic mange, you don't have to worry about keeping the infected dog separate from other pets or wash his bedding any more than usual because it isn't contagious. Canine Sarcoptic mange, however, is highly contagious to other animals and humans. If you believe your dog has mange of this type, it's extremely important to separate him from your other pets, keep him off the furniture, and to wash all his bedding to kill the mites.

Do What's Best for Your Dog

If your dog has a mild case of mange, it isn't difficult to treat him for mange at home. But if your dog has a generalized or severe case, give him the treatment he needs. Vetranarians have stronger medication and antibiotics. If your dog has a severe case of mange, he may develop secondary infections and need an antibiotic.

Using a home remedy for mange like Happy Jack or Lime Plus should be fine for mild cases of mange on a dog. Be a good pet owner. Learn to recognize mange and other dog skin problems and do what's best for your pet.


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    • profile image

      Christie Allbritton 

      14 months ago

      Sulfur Us can be bought from any Drug Store, dilute with a gallon of water, only one tablespoon and wash and do not dry. Clears all skin problems up.


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