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Ghetto Cats-Yes, I said Ghetto Cats

Updated on May 7, 2016

Fantasy World

Okay, I know we all have our own thoughts about cats. We either own them or we see cute little movies about them. They conjure up pleasant thoughts and memories. For some, they're your best friend, to others' they are family. For me, I'm a dog person. Anyway, I know for some people like me, I don't trust them. They are too sneaky, and way to quiet for my taste. Don't get me wrong, I like the movie of Stuart Little, and Mouse Trap. Totally funny, I get it. But when this happens to you, you develop a whole new attitude towards cats. Okay, are you ready for this hilarious story that really happened to me one day I was coming home from work minding my own business. Okay, sit tight and wait for it!!


Ghetto cats from the Hood!!

So, as I stated, I had just moved into the neighborhood and really didn't know anything about the area as far as what were the demographics, who lived around here and what animals presided or not. I'm coming home from work at around 5:30 pm and I had just went to the store and got me some snacks. I try to get everything when I'm out so I don't have to go back out. It was during the winter so there was snow on the ground and I was walking carefully so I wouldn't fall. See, at my age, you don't want to fall, because that would be a sight in itself.

Anyways, I'm walking down the street and I notice a cat sitting on a porch. I don't think anything about it, smile to myself, and keep walking. Up ahead of me, I see two more cats, one black and the other a tannish brown color in a drive way. I think to myself, "Oh boy, this is a cat street!" Boy was I in for a surprise. As I approach the two cats in the driveway they turn and look at me directly in the eyes. Oh okay, that's odd I think, even kind of scary.

Next thing I know, I hear something behind me. I turn around and guess what it was? The cat I had seen on the first porch, creeping up behind me!! What the heck, so I turn back around to start walking again, and the two cats that were in front of me in the driveway were now a few steps in front of me. This startled me a little. So I look at these cats in front of me, and I kid you not, the tannish cat looked me up and down as if it was sizing me up, and the black cat started to circle around me.

Okay so, at that moment, I've switched to battle mode, and I'm baffled!! I'm thinking, oh I know that cat didn't just look me up and down like, "Who you? and What you doing on our street!" I just start to walk again, and, sorry folks, I'm thinking, "You cats don't know who you messing with. I will kick you to kingdom come and back." I proceed to walk on, granted, this has me freaking out, I put a little pep in my step, and walked pass them. Fast!!! Trying not to fall on the ice which is tricky in itself. Once I get pass them a little way, I turned and looked back at the cats, and they were huddled together staring at me. I turned around to walk, and one of the cats let screamed out what sounded to me like, "Yo!" but in a cat like way. I laughed and kept walking, and the cat did it again. I tell you I could not wait to get to my house, because this had me tripping. I'm thinking, "I know that cat did no just say, YO! to me." OMGosh. You know how some guys say, "Yo!" when they calling somebody. And the cat wouldn't stop. He just kept yelling and yelling, "Yo!"

This is not my first time having an experience similar to this concerning cats. I've actually heard them talking and I'm no way near crazy if that's what you're thinking because I've heard others tell of their experiences. Well, needless to say, the cats haven't confronted me like that again, so I guess I passed their test. They realized, "Oh she just the new chick that moved in the house where that weird lady lived. Man, I'm glad she moved. I hope she turn out better than her!"

This is what it felt like!!
This is what it felt like!! | Source

A New Respect for Cats

After this experience, I have a new appreciation for cats where I live, and have found them to be rather amusing. I must give them their proper accolades, because since I have been in this new neighborhood, I have yet to see one rat! I believe that me and the cats have made our peace with one another, unlike humans who could be more finicky that the cats, and have struck an accord with each other. Now, when I walk down the street, I no longer fear the cats who confronted me that day, but pass on by as a welcomed friend to their neighborhood.

I would even suggest that I have gained their approval, because I could have sworn that just the other day, one of them winked his eye at me. Wow, and just to think, I thought they were my enemy. Everyday with these cats bring a new and lively encounter, and I think some of them have close friends. At least the one thing I can say about those cats is, "They surely enjoy living life, and have many people who take care of them, so much so, they're cared for better than some humans take care of their families.

Anyways, all is well in the neighborhood of cats and humans. There's a new person who moved down the street a little farther than me, so, I can't wait to see what they do to them. I have seen them walking down there, In a Group!!

Have you ever experienced anything like this?

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    • FanettaHughes profile imageAUTHOR

      Fanetta McCarley 

      2 years ago from Buffalo, NY

      Thanks Linda Robinson60. It's so good to laugh every now and then!!

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 

      2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Hello Fanetta I really enjoyed your hub about the Ghetto cats, excellent writing and interesting content. Filled with great information and entertaining to read. So nice meeting you and following you. I look forward to reading all of your outstanding hubs. Talk to you again. Linda


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