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HorseHair Bracelets: Gifts for Horse Trainers and Riders

Updated on February 6, 2013

Horse Hair Bracelets: Custom Designs

If you have a friend or a family member that is into horse training or horse riding, then horse hair bracelets will be the perfect gift for them. Horse hair bracelets are just that: bracelets that are woven from horse hairs. The hair will typically be from the tail, but some individuals will create horse hair bracelets out of the horses' mane. If you are savvy, and have your own source horse hairs, then there are tutorials online on how to make your own horse hair bracelets. However, eBay and other online stores are all viable sources for genuine horse hair bracelets. Cheryle Matis and Custom Horse Hair Jewelry

Saddlefitter is a website that specializes in everything horses. The website offers information on saddle pads, protective equipments, reins, and even horse hair bracelets. These pieces of jewelery are hand-made by Cheryle Matis, a seasoned horse rider. Her story is inspirational, with her first horse – Shane Grey – helping her cope with the loss of her 15 year old son, Brandon. Even more of a reason to promote Matis and her small business. You will need to call or email Matis to place an order.

Twisted Tails is a website created in 2002 by Kim Howell. Fueled by her daughter's interest in horses, she started offering her jewelery-making services online. Twisted Tales is different than other websites, because the owner not only create custom horse hair bracelets, but it also produces necklaces and pendants with custom beading. You will have the option of purchasing your horse hair jewelery with sterling silver or gold.

eBay Store for Horse Hair Bracelets: Knot_A_Tail

Knot_A_Tail is a eBay store that specializes in horse hair jewelry. You will not have the custom options like other retailers, however, what you sacrifice in customization you will gain in cheap, affordable prices. This eBay store has been live since 1999, with 99.7% positive feedback. Buying horse hair bracelets from Knot_A_Tail will ensure satisfactory service and genuine horse products.


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