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Horse Hubs

Updated on December 19, 2015
Horse and rider
Horse and rider


This is a handy index to all my hubs about horses and horse-related subjects. Horses are fascinating animals in their own right, and even more interesting in the different meanings they have within human cultures. In order to keep track of these hubs and perhaps to help the reader interested in this subject I a collecting the together. This hub is an index to all of my hubs on equine topics. More will be added, and suggestions are always welcome.

Why Horses?

Horses has a unique role in the development of human culture. With their aid we could gather resources over wider areas, and do work beyond the abilities of our bodies. As such their meaning in human society is deep but also varied--and so interesting.

Famous Horses

Unusual Horses

Blue Bell, the hairless horse
Blue Bell, the hairless horse

Horses Diseases and Disorders

Horse Costumes

Mythical Horses

  • Arion--the lesser known winged horse of Greek myth.

Not Quite Horses

Other Hubs that Mention Horses


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