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Horseback Drill Team

Updated on February 26, 2012
Example of a Drill Team
Example of a Drill Team

What is Drill Team Anyways?

Dril Team is a horseback riding sport. It is where you perform percision drills with a group of more that two people. They perform for rodeos and fairs, and they are incredibly fun.

Drilling has been around a long time. It is inspired by earlier times when horses were still used in militaries, and the riders and horses performed drills and used teamwork to conquer the battlefield. Drills on horseback were also used in ceremonies.

Hard work put into Dill Teams

Because many people on Drill Teams perform in rodeos and horse shows they have to be perfect and polishes, this requires a lot of work.

Practice makes perfect, and practice is everything. Drill teams practice often- once a week at the least. To become so perfect, they take baby steps into advancement- carefully learning the precision.

Many people on drill teams also do their homework. Some write down their sequences (The list of manuvers) many times until they know it by heart. Many other teams walk the drill on foot before they do it on horsebck, so they can get a better grip of the drill.

Example of a Drill Team

Drill Team Attire

Drill Teams must have matching items (with some exceptios) to look neat and fluent such as:

  • Mathcing Tack
  • Matching uniforms
  • Matching Flags, other than the American/state flag (if used)

Some Drill Teams also require matching horses, or horses of the same breed- but that is uncommon.

What Horses Would Be Good in Drill Teams?

Most horses would be good in drill teams, but some would not br. Drill Teams need athletic horses when dealing with fast manuvers. The horse should ideally be calm because there would be lots of cround and noises when performing, and you don;t want a spooky horse to mess up a drill. If you are in a drill Team with flags, the horse needs to do well on neck renins.

You do not want an aggressive horse that kicks or bites others. That is a big safety issue to other riders and can also mess up a drill big-time.

Do I Need My Own Horse?

Some Drill teams, especially small ones, require you to have your own horse or leaso one to join. Larger drill teams sometimes have a livery of rental horses for you to ride if your not an owner, but you usually have to pay for them and sometimes horses in the herd can are not as good as other horses as the result of having so many riders on them doing so many different things.

Westernaires: A Drill Team for Children

Should You be in a Drill Team?

Anyone can be in a Drill Team! As long as you are healthy and sound, go for it. I do reccomend you have some expirience with horses before you join, unless the drill team has a beginners class.

Drill Teams are great fun and you will make friends that last forever while in the Team.

What to do if You Want to be in a Drill Team

There are drill teams practically evey state and every area. Many have websites and can be easily found on the internet. Some have a specific time slot for you to join in, so hurry fast!

When you are first in a drill team, you will be put on a team that is not as high in level as the top teams, and don't perform as much for larger crowds. You could also be put in as a subsitute, where you practice with the team but don't perform in shows unless one of the main riders is sick.


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