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Horsefield Tortoise Care Sheet

Updated on October 4, 2013

Horsefield Basics

The Horsefield tortoise has also been typically referred to as Russian, Russian box turtle, Testudo Horsfieldii and Afghan tortoises. This tortoise is indigenous to the Mediterranean and Eurasia but mainly in the past 10 years have grown to be quite popular in the United Kingdom and United States. They've been exported from their dwellings including from Afghanistan and Greece because of their big demand as a great pet.

They are surely a unique turtle to obtain as a pet. They're quite friendly and outgoing. This means you can play with them and they will engage with you, as other types of turtles with shy away you, get nervous and escape inside their shells. Understanding the right Horsefield tortoise care is definitely important for a responsible caretaker.

Horsefield Tortoise Care

Horsefield Diet
This animal is a herbivore so it eats weeds and vegetables. This pet also requires many different types of meals which means that on alternate days you need to pick out a different type of food to feed it. They can not ingest meat regardless of the sort or iceberg lettuce.

Horsefield Tortoise Living Quarters
Housing is perfect outside the house though the temp needs to be kept anywhere between thirty - sixty Fahrenheit at nighttime and 55 to 90 Fahrenheit every day. If this is unlikely for your place outside the house then you can create an indoor housing. When you use indoors lodging be sure you provide the proper lighting and temperatures.

There are specific necessities for your outdoors or inside shelter. You'll want to have standard water readily available, a cave-like box to enable them to escape to, unescapably walls, and correct grounds. The bedding can be a combination of fine sand, dirt, shredded newspaper and hay. The enclosure really should be created using solid walls that can not be seen through and the containing walls can be created from wood, cement blocks or bricks that will be at least 16 inches.

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Horsefield Hibernation and For Sale

Horsefield Tortoise Hibernation
This pet hibernates quite a few months through the winter in their natural environment. Some hobbyists do not hibernate their pet at all however it is generally a smart idea to hibernate your Horsefield a few months a year. Use a container say for example a typical shoe box, lay down around six inches of a combination of peat moss and hay so the tortoise can dig down a few inches deep. Next, the temp has to be around 45 Fahrenheit; anything over 55 Fahrenheit and it'll emerge from hibernation!

The estimated lifespan ranges from 40 to 80 years. You must plan ahead to get the best caretaker down the road or even in your will.

When you go to get your tortoise there are several different choices to take into account. You can purchase a native one that is imported from a native country or one that is hatched locally. The disadvantage to purchasing imported is that there's more room for problems. They may be more prone to possess parasites or diseases and full-growns can be use to their former habitat therefore it is always best to get a baby in this particular situation.

When you're purchasing this tortoise in your local market or country you may either get a newborn or a mature one. A great way to go is to buy a pre-owned pet because they live such a long time that a lot of men and women will give their tortoise to another enthusiast. Bad indications to look for is pyramiding of the shell, being fed pellets and bad living conditions.

Baby Horsefield Tortoise for Sale


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