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What you need to own a horse

Updated on May 23, 2012

What you need to own a horse-.Grazing

What you need to own a horse. There are several things you need to own a horse, firstly you will need somewhere to put your horse. This could be a stable or a paddock , you will need at least two hectares plus of land to keep your horse which will need to be kept in pristine condition, free of weeds, horse manure, or anything that could hurt your horse. If you are stabling you will need to find one which is reputable in your area. Your horse will need a cover when out in the field. and some hard feed, such as chaff or oats and hay for bulk feed daily. You could add in molasses as well for vitamins. You could also purchase a halter and leadrope to bring your horse in with from your local saddlery. Make sure you worm your horse regularly with a trusted drench to keep these parasites at bay in which they can pick up in the paddock while grazing. If you are stabling get the stable owner to show you where your horse will be kept and if there is anywhere to store your tack as this can become quite heavy to carry around. Check out the cost of keep and the lease of the stable before placing your horse there. Look around you may find a better deal. try to get recommendations from friends or referrals from pony clubs.or horse centers.


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