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Don’t Cook Your Dog - Hot days ideas

Updated on April 10, 2012

It’s almost summer and it’s time to refresh our memory the do’s and don’ts and preventing our pets from overheating, dehydration, and sunburn.

I am hot, so is he
First thing to remember, if we feel hot, so is your pet, and maybe even more. After all they have natural fur. It is very important to keep Fido groomed but not bald, as the short hair layer help keeping the skin from sunburns. It is also important to brush the fur even everyday if possible to keep it clean and free of ticks. You can use sunscreen or insect repellent product for pets

Don’t leave him outside for too long. Don’t leave him unsupervised, don’t leave him out without shaded area to hide from the sun, don’t leave him outside without fresh cool water.

Enjoying the outdoors
Whether it’s in your backyard, on the beach, or hiking you should always have with you fresh water. DO use a plastic bottle and travel bowl or Pet Water Bottles that make it easy to drink directly from. Freeze used plastic water bottles and let him lick it while outside. At home add ice cubes to the water. Most dogs LOVE it.

Stainless Steel Pet Water Bottles are designed for your pet drink on the go
Stainless Steel Pet Water Bottles are designed for your pet drink on the go | Source

Traveling with car
Do not leave your pet (or child) in a parking car not even for a short time. The temperature in the car, even if windows are open, can climb to unbelievable height in a very short time, and the heat can lead to fatal heat stroke.

The daily walk
Do not skip the daily walk, just do it early in the morning or later the day before and after the hot hours. At the same time do not over exercise him when it’s too hot outside.

The backyard
Again, fresh cold water always in reach, shaded cooler area , beware of hot asphalt that will burn puppy's paws. If it is an outdoor dog, all the above are a must!! When the temperature are very high, think about bringing him in to the AC.
Having a big dog pool made of hard plastic box big and deep enough will cool of your pet body while he's enjoying the game. Using the garden hose and flushing water while moving the hose around and let him chase it.

Remember that there are plants in your backyard that are not safe for dogs. So are lawn fertilizers and weed control.

In home

When you are leave home and the weather is too hot you can use the cooling pad in a crate, as a bed on just on the floor. This pad is self cooling so no electric is involve so it safe to leave it while you are not around. Other option is having a fan in the crate.

Cooling Pet Cushion Pad automatically re-charges itself  weight activated
Cooling Pet Cushion Pad automatically re-charges itself weight activated | Source

Put in the kennel freeze water bottle or freeze chicken soup they would enjoy licking.

To sum it up - dogs suffer from heat just like humans. Water, shade and cooler spot will help to enjoy the summer in a safe way.


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