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How High Fiber Dog Food Helps A Diabetic Dog

Updated on July 27, 2011

You Know High Fiber is Good--But in Dog Food?

Some vets feel that as long as the diabetic dog’s diet contains increased fiber content, the mix of other ingredients can vary. However, the amount of simple sugars still needs to be maintained at a lower level. Commercial foods "soft, moist, pouch" commercial foods are notorious have having very high levels of simple sugars. Seeking out high fiber dog food is good for your dog for a few reasons.

high fiber dog food is good for diabetic dogs
high fiber dog food is good for diabetic dogs

First and foremost, your diabetic dog needs it to get his blood sugar to an even and healthy level. Every dog’s body needs sugar. This is what the body converts into quick energy to walk and run and play and even breathe. But a diabetic dog is not doing a good job of maintaining a reasonable of sugar in the blood. (Her ability to produce insulin is out of whack and insulin controls the sugar levels—like a traffic cop of the blood.) Too much or too little sugar and the body does not react well. Fiber in the diet helps maintain a balance of how much sugar is getting into the body. High fiber dog food is really important in the diet of a diabetic dog.

Second, not only does your dog need more fiber—which is a complex carbohydrate—but he also need less simple carbohydrates—or simple sugars—than before. True high fiber dog food are going to contain not only more fiber but less simple carbs as well.

Third, fiber makes the body feel better. Because it absorbs liquid it takes up more space in the stomach and stays there longer, it gives your dog a satisfying full feeling and this feeling lasts longer. The nice thing is, this is not a quick fix—fiber does also actually release nutrients too.

A dog that feels full will not want or need to eat so often. And meal times and portion controls are things that ABSOLUTELY need to be controlled with diabetes. The dog should only eat what is healthy for his weight and only 2 times a day at insulin injection time.

Now what should you be looking for in high fiber dog food? Ingredients like ground whole wheat, ground whole grain barley, beet pulp, oats or oatmeal, and bran. And if you have a high-quality, high fiber dog food, you should be seeing at least one fiber within the first four ingredient as this is what makes up a majority of the food.


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