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How I Became A Cat Person #2

Updated on August 29, 2011

Part 2

from this point on i will be sharing stories as i remember them, of the kitties that have come into my life...some are no longer with me and some are still with me. all these stories combine to make me change from being a dog person to being a cat person.

One day, about 8 yrs ago, a friend called us. she was postmistress at the time, (she has since retired). as soon as i answered the phone, before she ever spoke a word, i heard a kitten squalling. she told me someone had brought this tiny kitten into the outer lobby of the post office, wrapped in a wash cloth, put in a easter basket, and left it with a can of milk sitting near it. she asked if i could please come and get it. i looked over at mom, who, from hearing my end of the conversation, figured out what was going on. i opened my mouth and she said more cats! i said cant do this to me (the kitten was still squalling away on the other end) i started to hand her the phone and she got up and ran for the bathroom with me hard on her tail. i cornered her and put the phone to her ear. she melted instantly. there was simply no resisting that kittens cry. she told me to go and get it. she continued talking to our friend as we headed for the door. there, dad asked where i was going. i told him to go pick up a kitten. he puffed up to protest and mom put the phone to his ear. it was like someone stuck a needle in him...he deflated instantly and said no more.

when i got the little one home, we gave him an exam, and discovered he had some injuries. on one paw, one toe was just hanging on by a thread. i cut that off for him. we doctored his other wounds, like puncture marks, made him some KMR, and after eating he snuggled down and fell fast asleep. later our friend called to see how he was doing. after hearing the report, we got to trying to decide on a name for him. she suggested Moses, because like baby moses, he had been found wrapped up in a basket. so we kept that name. it was also decided that she was his godmother. he healed wonderfully well and had quite the personality. once his eyes finally opened, nothing could discourage him from exploring.

we discovered something else about our little boy. when he reached sexual maturity...i caught him courting a stray tom...and later allowing that tom to mount him. i was amazed to say the least. i started looking it up on the internet and learned he most likely was a hermaphrodite, or pseudo-hermaphrodite. every year the humane society comes out here to the rez to give free spay/neuter/vaccine clinics. but i kept having difficulties getting the cats there on time. the best i managed was to get them wormed and vaccinated...which turned out to be a good thing. one day Moses was squaring off to fight with another tom i had...normally this wasnt a problem, if i ever caught my toms squaring off or even in the middle of a fight, i had only to pick them each up to stop it instantly. i, however, forgot to take Moses' problem into consideration. i walked up behind him and told them both to cool it, nudging Moses in the rear to encourage him to move away. then i thought i should put him inside for awhile, so i walked after him and scooped him up. he immediately began to squirm. i took a better grip on his scruff and told him to settle down. in the blink of an eye, he had his front paws wrapped around my forearm and his fangs sunk into the fleshy part of my wrist.

i looked at him and he looked at me. i told him to let go, and of course, he didnt...he was probably thinking yeah first. at least that is the impression i got. half afraid of what his reaction might be, i decided the only way to end this was to let him go first. i lowered my arm and him to just above the ground...and released the scruff of his neck. he looked me in the eyes, looked out to judge the chances of getting away clean. looked me in the eyes again...then launched himself off my arm. i looked at the wounds he left on my arm...not pretty. i wondered if he would let me pick him up. i took a couple steps in his direction...and he arched his back and fluffed out his tail and minced a few steps towards me sideways. i told him alright, have it your way. i went into the house to get cleaned up and get some ointment on the wounds.

two days later on the way back from the VA, i stopped by the hospital to get the arm looked at, make sure it was healing as well as it appeared to be. it was, and the x-ray showed that the fangs did not touch my bones...but only might have fit a hair between the tip of the fang and my bone. i also called my vet and explained what had happened and asked if this was something seriously wrong with the cat. something that meant putting him down. he told me since the cat had his rabies shot, and considering his "problem" he acted in a normal way...there was nothing wrong with him. and indeed the cat was as loving as ever when i went to talk with him later. the whole incident had actually been my fault. the poor cat was dealing with more than just male hormones...he was also dealing with female hormones, and this made things very confusing and frustrating for him.

i have learned much in the years i have been rescuing cats. i am happy to say all my cats are fixed, except the very last additions, who are waiting their turn. they are all vaccinated. they are all healthy. before i learned...i lost a few cats to diseases i did not understand. if it were not for the humane society i would not be able to care for these cats the way they need caring for.

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  • tlmcgaa70 profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from south dakota, usa

    thank you...again. its funny you tell me that...i was just thinking today that there are so many really good writers in here...Lucky Cats being one of my favorites, that it puts my writing to shame. your words encourage me to try harder. :o)

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    Excellent! I'm enjoying your cat articles very much.

    My cat has never been to a vet. I'm into alternative medicine and that's what I use for my kitty. We do colloidal silver (helps prevent male cats' urinary tract infections), a few drops on a cotton ball for washing out eye infections, etc.

    Vets get very expensive and I've known, at least, one who didn't seem to like animals very much! I don't trust my cat to anyone else! But, then I don't believe in human doctors, either.

    You did a nice job telling your kitty stories, too. You really do have some writing talent, in my opinion.

  • tlmcgaa70 profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from south dakota, usa

    thank you Lucky Cats...yes, we do learn as we go...but i will always regret the ones i lost, whether i could have done something for them or not. there were times i would get a cat that could not be saved, letting the vet euthanize them is almost as bad as just losing them. for me it doesnt take long to grow attached to will see in one of my stories about Bobby, a little manx kitten, how fast i fell in love, and how his death has stayed with me for over 7 yrs.

    have a wonderful night...and thank you for reading my hubs.

  • Lucky Cats profile image


    7 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

    We learn as we go...and your kittie's unusual disposition would be a bit confusing for poor did a good job of handling a dicey situation. Good for you and I'm glad to hear he' s doing well ..


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