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How I Became A Cat Person # 4

Updated on August 29, 2011
Wolfie and Nala
Wolfie and Nala

How I came by Nala and The Wolfie-Boy

When I went to California for six weeks, I left thinking my cats were in good hands. they were being cared for by one we thought was a friend, one who was also helping my parents while I was gone, by doing anything that needed done outside and lifting any heavy items and running errands and driving them where they needed to go. Before I left, he and I had talked about an aunt of his taking 4 of my cats. I agreed because I thought they would be going to a good home. However, when i returned from California, I discovered more than 4 cats missing. I asked him...he said his aunt decided she didnt want the cats after all, so he took them to a nearby park and let them go. i was stunned. if she didnt want them why did he take them away. he thought i wanted to get rid of them. i asked where the rest of the missing cats were, he said he took as many as went into the cage, but he couldnt remember who all got in. (this man had been like a member of our family...but shortly after this we found out he had been stealing from us and he stole things that could not be replaced). i went to the park even though i knew the chances of finding any of the cats was next to none. and indeed i did not see a single cat. i went several times and called loudly to no avail. they were lost to me. a few weeks after i had been home, however, Patches showed up. Then Wooley Baby...and finally Convict. i love all my cats dearly, but the one whose return made me happiest was convict...the bond we share runs very deep. he was in bad shape but it was quickly remedied for the most part.

Mom felt bad that this happened and told me she wanted me to get another kitten. I figured when the vets showed up for their spay/neuter/vaccination clinic, I would surely find someone looking for a home for a kitten. before that day arrived, I ran into a neighbor who, it turned out, had some kittens. I went to see them, and saw a longhaired black kitten with bluish patches of high lights. I took her home and she took the ride in the truck quite calmly. She adapted to life indoors readily and integrated readily into our home life. but somehow, I knew there would still be a kitten in need of a home at the clinic. Nala was only 3 months old and in good health, so i didnt take her to the clinic. but i took my older cats for their vaccinations and wormings. while I was there waiting my turn, one of my cousins brought in a male kitten to be neutered. He was about 4 months old.

The first thing that struck me about Wolfie was that he played with the techs hands. no matter what she tried to do his answer was to play. I overheard my cousin say she wanted to find him a good home...and my ears perked right up. I asked her about him and she said she had found him near Wolf Creek School. I told her i would talk to mom and let her know. Mom agreed, and so we would not have any problems, we told dad we were fostering him until my cousin could find him a home. After about a month, one day dad looked up at me and said, you can tell her to stop looking for a home, he has one.

Wolfie has such a friendly nature that whenever a new cat (even if it is only new to him) comes in the house, he tries to get the cat to play by making friendly little playful gestures...and he doesnt take no for an answer. if he gets smacked he just circles around, sits a bit, cocking his head at the stranger, then tries again from another angle. in the beginning, Wolfie had a problem with being to close to the face and would bite at the face. I worked with him, showing him he had nothing to fear from us or our faces and soon the biting stopped. he still does not like to be cuddled, but he loves affection. Whenever i sneeze or cough, no matter where in the house he is, he comes running to make sure I am ok. Recently he fell behind the water heater, when I got him out he let me know how much he appreciated it, even though i hurt his paw a little in order to get him out. When he wants to be close at night, he comes up to me and sticks his nose under my arms, then starts nudging hard, like a calf that is nursing.

Nala has grown into a delicate, lovely lady. for a long time, we did not think she would ever outgrow the houdini stage. she could slip under any door in the house, it was impossible to keep her in...or out of any room. Now that she has been spayed, she has chunked up some, and can no longer get under doors. For all her delicate little princess act, when she is in the mood to wrestle, she can really send Wolfie tumbling. And how she loves her toys. especially these things that remind me of cattails...fuzz balls on plastic sticks...and her fuzzy mice...she will chase them...and bring them back so you can throw them for her to chase again...and again...and again. Sometimes in the middle of the night I am awakened by her meows...she has a certain way of meowing when she is asking me to "throw it for me". Sometimes i oblige her and sometimes i can't wake up enough to respond.

From the very beginning, Nala and Wolfie got along very well. It was obvious to see how they loved each other, always sleeping curled against each other, grooming each other, playing games together...if one was in one room and the other in another room, one would start calling and going from room to room searching for the other til both were once more together. They have never been separated since they first met...and I think it would be a hard loss when one or the other dies.

Nala says whenever your ready! cats just magically know when its time to make a bed
Nala says whenever your ready! cats just magically know when its time to make a bed
Wolfie taking it easy...he always was the laid back kind of fella
Wolfie taking it easy...he always was the laid back kind of fella

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  • tlmcgaa70 profile imageAUTHOR


    7 years ago from south dakota, usa

    Thank you, i am glad you have enjoyed my kitties...i have waited a long time to share them with others. like parents, we must choose what is best for our "children"...if that means not allowing them outside...then it is what we must do...tough love. is your "son" fixed? if not getting him fixed might help him be more content in the house. if he is fixed, and if he was once an outdoor kitty...sometimes if you can put a harness on him, take him for walks outside, let him eat grass and roll around and just enjoy being outside for an hour or so...when i do that for convict, he is good for several days or even a week or two before he asks to go back out again. and come winter he simply doesnt want out.

    and i know exactly what you mean about your own way of communicating with each other. it is how we know things about our pets that others never see, and many tell us we are reading to much into it. but the communications is valid...they understand us and we them.

  • profile image


    7 years ago

    I have a black cat, kind of long-haired, that looks similar to yours. Sometimes I feel bad because he never gets to go outside and chase birds, but it's too easy for cats to end up abused or dead. Lots of people don't like cats for some reason. But, I love my cat so much. He's like another person to me because we kind of have our own way of communicating with each other. And, where ever I am - there he is!

    I love your photos! Fun hub!


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