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How I Fixed My Dogs Knee ACL Cruciate Ligament Injury Without Surgery

Updated on December 25, 2017

How I Fixed My Dogs Cruciate Ligament Injury Without Surgery

Around 4 years ago after I had been playing fetch with my dog at the park he begun to limp very badly. He wouldn't even put pressure on one leg. He was pretty much a 3 legged dog. After a couple of weeks he had not improved so we took him to the local vet. After a few x rays they determined that he injured his cruciate ligament. They told us that it was impossible to fix it without surgery however we tried to heal it without surgery. The first thing we did was purchase dingo a custom made knee brace. This did help but it did not fix the problem. If we were to let him off the lead for a run he would be limping again afterwards. For the most part dingos knee was alright he wouldn't really limp unless he went for a long walk or was let off the lead for a run. Then almost 2 years ago he found a ball at the park. He got very excited and started to jump around. This made his injury very bad again and he was back to walking on 3 legs. It wasn't getting any better and we contemplated surgery however we didn't really want to do this as we had read online that it isn't always successful. We got Dingo some anti inflammation medication from the vet to help with the pain and inflammation. Dingo stopped limping immediately but obviously this had not fixed the problem. Dingo was overweight at the time weighing around 44 - 45kg. We decided to put Dingo on a diet as we believed this would help with his injury. We lowered Dingo's weight to around 36kg and he has not limped since.As Dingo had not been going for very long walks while he had his injury I slowly increased the length of his walks while he was on the anti inflammation medication so that when he came off it he was use to longer walks. We then began to slowly wean him off the anti inflammation medication and he has not limped once for around 18 months. Even after a big run on the beach or a big long walk! I have left a video below where I speak a little more about this topic.

How I Fixed My Dogs ACL Cruciate Ligament Injury Without Surgery


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