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How Long Will My Rabbit Live?

Updated on September 9, 2009

If you have a fuzzy bunny companion, the thought of them dying is a sad one, especially when so many people's rabbits tend to die at three or four years old. I have some good news for you though, your rabbit doesn't have to die young! Well loved, well taken care of rabbits can live up to ten years or even more.

Here are the steps you'll need to take to ensure that your bunny has a long and happy life.


Just like people, rabbits need to have a good diet. Rabbits should, first and foremost, have a good supply of hay and water. In fact, if all your rabbit ever eats is hay and water, then your rabbit will be very healthy. Grass pellets can also be suitable, but you shouldn't over feed these as they quite often contain ingredients which will make your bunny very fat indeed. Also NEVER feed your rabbit lettuce, as it can make rabbits very sick.

For more information, you should definitely read the following articles which will teach you all you need to know about feeding your rabbit properly.

Healthy Bunny Food Pyramid

What NOT To Feed Your Bunny

Spaying / Neutering

This is very important if your rabbit is a girl. Female rabbits who are not spayed have a very high chance of developing cancer before their fourth birthday. If you want your bunny girl to have a long and happy life, then you should definitely make sure that she is spayed.

Exercise and Toys

Imagine if you never got any exercise ever and never had any toys. Why, you would probably die of boredom! Don't let your bunny face the same fate. Rabbits love to play with toys and love to play with things in their cages and surrounding environments. If you need some hints or ideas about bunny toys, read the articles I've written on the subject.

Toys For Rabbits

Fun Toys For Bunnies | Bunny Castles

Indoor Bunny Toys


Even the most unfriendly little bunny needs company sometimes. This doesn't necessarily mean that your rabbit should have a bunny friend, or that your rabbit will be happy to see you (though many rabbits love their owners,) but it does mean that you should spend some time with your rabbit every day, talking to him or her, patting him or her gently. You should be grooming your rabbit fairly often as well, but spend time outside grooming time with your rabbit and you will be much better friends with him or her.


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    • profile image

      Pat LeBlanc 

      6 weeks ago

      I just buried my beloved holland lop house bunny Dustbuster who was 14! Free to roam on carpeted floors he would run to the top of the carpeted stairs, but never farther onto the oak hardwood where he would just ‘spin his wheels’. He never peed except in his open cage.

      Don’t know if it’s what kept him healthy, but he loved: whole almonds, uncooked oatmeal, cilantro, arugula, and carrot tops.

      The carrot itself was also usually eaten, but he adored the tops.

      He had several jelly belly, soft plush bunny friends he cozied up with, but especially loved a white one we named ‘Blanche’.

      Also helped that he had no natural enemies in the house!

      Hope your dear bunny lives a long and happy life. Try some of those treats. Dustbuster was never sick a day of his 14 years.

      A breeder told me about the oatmeal and almonds...the rest we just figured out together.

    • profile image

      Katherine paterson 

      20 months ago

      I want one but the only thing is that I am afraid that my cat will eat it do u know if he will he is a tabby cat thanks


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