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Start Breeding Clownfish at Home. How To Breed Perculas and more

Updated on September 28, 2010

Ideal set up tank for Breeding Clownfish.

Selecting A Mated Pair of Clownfish

Finding a pair can be quite easy, the easiest way to start breeding is to purchase a mated pair of clownfish, when you go to a privately owned pet store they can order one or you can purchase them online. The second way to get a bonded pair is to buy two young clownfish. Young clownfish start off as males and the more dominate male stays male. Their will be some fighting amongst the two male clownfish that is normal. The female will always be larger than the male.

Setting the mood for your clownfish:

Clownfish usually breed on a piece of live rock near a anemone, not in it. Usually it takes 5-9 months for genders of the clownfish to become obvious. I use a 30 gallon tank with a carpet anemone and 15lbs of live rock. The 6 pairs I have lay eggs every 13-15 days. Water Changes are crucial for spawning the clownfish, even if you have a good filter water changes are more beneficial. Also you can use a small orange clay pot for a breeding ground.

Don't try to mix different species of clownfish together it will not end good.

Step by step how I breed my clownfish:

  • 30 gallon tank with 15lbs of live rock and a carpet anemone.
  • After my pair have been identified feed frozen bloodworms and brine shrimp 2x daily.
  • Perform water changes 3x a day of 15%.
  • After the spawning site is selected stop water changes and feed once a day.
  • For about a hour the male and female clownfish lay eggs and fertilize them.
  • Don't touch the eggs the bonded pair are great parents, and can even go after your hand if you try to touch it.

Finding a Book on Breeding Clownfish

Trying to find a good book with detailed information on clownfish, breeding clownfish or caring for them can be tough but here are 3 books that I keep on hand at all time just in case. Each book goes into detail with multiple details on nutrition and diet needs during breeding and normal feedings.  For Reviews or summaries of the book feel free to view them by clicking on them.

Great Looking Reef Tank.

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