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How To Buy A Betta Fish

Updated on May 6, 2012

Buying Bettas - A Guide

Buying your first betta fish is a particularly exciting time. Perhaps you have other species such as guppies, goldfish, or smaller catfish in your aquariums. If not then a betta is a great choice for your first type of fish to buy as they are particularly easy to care for at home!

You may be wondering what to look for in a betta fish when it's the first one you are going to get. There are some easy things to look out for to ensure you come home with a healthy fish that will live a long time.

Where Do You Get Your Bettas From???

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How To Buy A Betta - Tips

For starters, make sure your betta fish is active in its jar at the pet shop or in the video online. A lazy fish is one that is likely old or sick.

Bright colors on your betta fish are important as sick fish often look dull and lose their color quickly. Finally, make sure your fish doesn't have any worn down or rotten fins and is flaring its fins often. A healthy fish will try to intimidate its neighboring bettas by showing off its full fins!

Example of a healthy betta you could get

What Tanks For Your Betta Fish

Unique betta fish tanks are one way to spruce up the decor in your room as well as the environment your betta lives in. Nobody wants to keep their betta in a boring empty tank with no special character to it. Only serious breeders do that and that's to make the process efficient.

Some companies make fun betta aquariums for you and your pets to enjoy.

Buy Umbra Betta Tank For Your New Siamese Fighting Fish

I recently purchased a few of the Umbra Betta Hotel fish tanks. These are stackable and when put together end up looking like an apartment building for your bettas. They are about a gallon of water and have several windows for your fish to look out of.

Another unique betta fish tank idea is the betta vase in which your fish lives with a peace lily or lucky bamboo plant. Of course you can add fun to a plain tank by having lots of fun decorations in it!

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