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How To Choose A Good Dog Grooming Salon

Updated on January 28, 2010

Your dog might have the shortest hair of any breed or be a shaggy mess with tons of knots in their coat.

Either way, you'll likely notice after a while that they don't look quite as dashing or cute as they once did as a puppy. Occasional baths are one thing, but a trip to a real dog grooming salon will help to bring out the natural and overwhelming beauty that your dog is capable of. You can almost guarantee that any trip to the groomer will leave your dog looking top notch and impressive.

However, you cannot choose just any dog grooming salon. You'll likely notice that there are many in your area, but at the same time there are also many that don't quite match up to the standards you should expect and want for your animal.

What to Look For In A Dog Grooming Salon

Your dog grooming salon should always be staffed with experienced, well versed professionals. You should look for a salon that accepts a wide range of dog breeds and coat textures, ensuring that all levels of experience are represented. Additionally, you'll want to ensure that they have ample experience with all temperaments and attitudes in dogs, assuming your dog is not a perfect angel.

You should request to visit the dog grooming salons you're looking into and observe their work to make sure that they meet the standards you're looking for. Ask them plenty of questions about their experience and their specific experience with dogs. This information is vital to knowing what kind of treatment your dog will get when you leave them there.

Check for licensing as well for your groomer. Many states require grooming licenses for groomers as well as the shop, and occasionally for any pesticides used. Even if your state does not require these licenses, check for similar training.

Dog Grooming Salon Temperament & Behavior

Before ever taking your dog to a dog grooming salon, establish how they handle strangers and the grooming process especially. If they snap or bark, you'll want to figure out if they are merely afraid or angry. In the case of anger or bad temperament, you'll want to see to the condition before leaving your dog in the hands of another person.

Because your dog needs the grooming process at least occasionally and it is an essential part of their health and well being, making sure they are capable of handling the process and the caring hand of a stranger is vital. Many dog grooming salons will turn down a temperamental dog. Besides that you'll want to ensure the good behavior of your dog in other instances as well.

Check Out Your Dog Grooming Salon First

On the flip side, when checking out your groomer, ensure that they are not wary of certain breeds or intolerant of small changes in behavior. If so, you'll want to make sure they do not groom your dog as it might be their problem rather than your dog's.

If you take the time to check out the dog grooming salon you plan to use ahead of time and ensure your dog is ready to handle their care, you'll find that you can have a wonderful experience and enjoy the beautiful product of your freshly groomed dog on a regular basis.


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