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How To Choose a Great Hamster Cage

Updated on June 4, 2012

What to look for when a buying a hamster cage

Choosing a Hamster Cage can be easy as long as you know what your looking for in you hamster cage. Cages come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, materials. I have been breeding hamsters for years and have made a list of my favorite cages, what to look for and what to look out for when choosing a hamster cage. First thing you want to look for is the durability of the cage. Remember hamsters have the capability of chewing through plastic and will do so if they are board. It's best to choose a metal hamster cage because the plastic bottom doesn't stain for hamster urine. Also it makes the cage almost chew proof. Finding a chew proof hamster cage is very important. The blue hamster cage and the green hamster cage are great cages to look at. Look at this neat crittertrail hamster cage review site

Designer Hamster Cages

The hamster cages to stay away from or be very cautious when you buy are the kits that are fancy that have all the snap together pieces. Reasons to stay away from these cages is that they are:

  • Hard to clean
  • Fall apart easily
  • easy for hamster to escape.

These cages are great for any kid but when it comes to cleaning every two weeks you have to tear the cage and tubes apart and usually something gets broken. Those replacement pieces aren't cheap to replace. The whole cage is pretty much made of plastic so the hamsters can chew through the bottom or tunnels. Alot of the time I see these hamster cages being held together with duck tape and that does not look good. When hamsters can chew through these cages then you have a problem of a escapee in your house.

Complete Hamster Cages Kits

Buying a complete hamster cage kit is the best way you can go value wise or at least to start off with because it comes with everything you need. The kits usually come wit the cage, food, bedding, chew toys, or chew blocks and some times a book depending on the cages. I have listed two below that are a great value for a hamster cage and for what they come with is actually cheaper than buying everything separately.


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