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Do You Think You Are Ready For A Bengal Cat?

Updated on January 8, 2017

Are you truly ready?

Well, for starters you have to be ready and do your research on the specific breed of cat that you are about to buy. That was our mistake when we bought a Bengal. My girlfriend and I bought a Bengal cat back in August of 2016. It cost us some good money. However, our Bengal Bently still is costing us money day by day. He chews up our socks, pants and shirts. I have never seen an animal chew on almost anything that is on the floor. That is not the worst part, I would have to say the worst part is him keeping us up almost every hour of the night. It is almost as if he has this plan to get up right when we go to bed. These cats are very smart cats, and we love him as family. We just did not know what we were getting into because we rushed the buying process.

Bently still is not full grown and continues to be a pain. We hope that when he is full grown that he will settle down a little bit. However, if you ever buy a Bengal then I would recommend doing some research. I cannot tell you how much I wish I went back and did research. Another thing is they do love a lot of attention as well as having their heads scratched. They also need another cat companion in the house. Which luckily we had right from the start. Bently has made it tough at times but like I have said before we love having him be apart of the family.

Just note that it is a great idea to do the correct research before you get yourself into trouble. Bengals will piss you off at times, but in all honesty who won't piss you off. This is life and we learn to live with it. Animals are family and they always will be.


Bently The Bengal
Bently The Bengal


Even though he may be a pain, he truly is an amazing cat. He has shown us how smart he is. Let alone almost too smart for his own good. He is very loving and can sense when you are upset or hurt. He may be annoying at times but we love him dearly. Bengals are definitely High maintenance, but just know that a kid is also. There really is not a huge difference I do not think. It is just nice to have another companion in the house that we love.


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    • Frances Metcalfe profile image

      Frances Metcalfe 11 months ago from The Limousin, France

      I think when you invite a cat into your home, you have to be prepared for some trouble. I've had plenty - was it worth it? Yes, you forgive everything when they deign to sit on your knee.