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How To Get Rid Of Pond Algae Your Ultimate Guide.

Updated on October 31, 2014

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As we all know it's time for the sun to come out and cause algae problems for your pond and you.  Here you will discover how to get rid of pond algae easily.  I will list all methods and products that I recommend to make your job easier when your killing algae in your pond.  Their are many different types of algae most are the most common like, green water, string algae, hair algae, just plain algae that sticks to everything.  Each one is caused by easy things that once controlled make your life easier to maintain your koi pond.

Getting Rid Of Green Water Pond Algae

This type of algae is the most common because of the way it reproduces. This algae makes your pond look like pea soup or a tint to thick looking green water. There is nothing wrong with your water but it is unsightly to you and I. So what causes Green Water Algae?

  • Sunlight
  • Over Feeding
  • Overcrowded pond
  • Not enough water changes

Sunlight is usually the major culprit of this problem the reason being the green water algae is feed with the sunlight and it doesn't take a lot to feed it to help the algae reproduce. Sunlight is kind of easy to control. Their is a blue tint that can be added to the water to help reflect the sunlight out of the pond. This worked great for me but some don't like a blue pond. Also you can add pond lilies to your pond or other aquatic plants because they will out compete the algae and cause it to starve off. But the lilies will help reduce the surface area that the sun hits. Also they look pretty with all the different colors.

Overfeeding is another problem a lot of people have. So you look on the back of the food container at it says to feed 3-5 times a day. Well this is great for the food company because you have to keep buying their food. But feeding should only be done once a day they koi or gold fish will eat bugs and other life on the pond. Overfeeding causes an excess of nutrients and guess what the algae loves those to and has a buffet every time that a pond is overfeed. So cutting back on feeding will reduce your green water algae in your pond.

Overcrowding your pond is another easy one to fix I recommend for a pond 400 gallons or more 1 koi per 40 gallons. For ponds smaller that 400 gallons do 1 goldfish per 30 gallons. If you need to get rid of some koi take them to a local pet store for store credit or cash and get pond supplies.

Water changes on your pond yes I know this sounds crazy but for large ponds hook a garden hose up and start draining it and just leave it smaller ones same thing. The reason these water changes are important for getting rid of pond algae is because taking water out will help take out excess nutrients and debris also any harmful ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. Doing a 20% water change monthly or at least bi-monthly. Elf on a shelf best prices

Getting Rid Of Hair Algae

Hair algae in your pond can be a nuisance because it can't be killed by a UV filter because it's not free floating. A lot of filters can't pick it up and sometimes if bad enough it can over power plants, lilies and even clog filters and ruin them. But the positive thing about hair algae is that it absorbs the nutrients so fast that you won't have to worry about green water algae. The only two real ways to get rid of hair algae is to manually take it out or use a specific hair algae remover liquid. The way to remove it is to twirl it around your finger and pull out. Or their is a wand that assist in pulling far to reach hair algae out. Those are some methods to getting rid of pond algae. Another way to get id of hair algae is to increase water flow or movement in your pond sense hair algae thrives in slower moving water.

It may be necessary to remove the dying string algae after wards with a pool skimmer net or it will decay and start the algae growing cycle all over again. Tips: Unbalanced pond conditions can contribute to problems, such as slowed stream flow, clogged pump intakes, and clogged filters, overfeeding, overcrowded pond, to much sunlight. The secret of a beautiful, healthy pond is in the creation of naturally balanced pond conditions. The easiest way to get rid of pond algae is a balanced pond and water conditions that promote plant growth. Nutrients are utilized to create a natural, un-fouled environment to help combat pond algae.

Removing Algae From Pond and Pond Decorations

Then the algae that affects most ponds is just plain algae that coats it self to your pond liner, the pump, waterfall, rocks and pretty much anything else.This is pretty easy to remove first for algae caked to the liner take a soft push broom and make sure it's clean and brush the algae off and scoop it up with a pool skimmer net. If you have a small enough pond to drain, drain it and power wash the liner that is a much easier and more effective method. Same with water falls, pumps and other filter parts just power wash. For ornaments such as fake lilies, statues, or other decorations you can place them in a bucket of 10% bleach and 90% water then let them soak for about 20-30 minutes until the algae is gone. Then soak in pure water and rinse 2 times and let them sun dry and then rinse 1 more time until bleach smell is gone and let air dry one more time. To speed things up you can soak them in a bucket of 50% water conditioner and 50% water. The water conditioner actual breaks down the bleach then rinse twice and sun dry or air dry. Before placing back in smell for bleach.

Getting Rid Of Duckweed in Your Pond

Duckweed is a tiny little floating plant that travels easily pond to pond from birds, deer , and other animals, once in a pond in rapidly spreads causing an unsightly pond to you. Their are no chemical ways to kill duckweed but after you scoop it out with a fine pool skimmer the maintenance of controlling it becomes rather easy to keep up on. Make sure when your disposing of it do it far away from the area your removing it and also away from other bodies of water.

Get Rid Of Algae Naturally no Chemicals

Their are many ways to control algae chemically and non chemically and here are some great products to get rid of algae naturally first is the Barley Straw Mat this is my most favorite thing in the world this mysterious straw pad starts to decompose and it starts absorbing the nutrients that algae eats and starves the algae out. You don't even see them in your pond and it's safe for all animals. It's also easy to remove and replace with a new one for continued crystal clear ponds. Speaking of that my next favorite product i just found is called Clear as Crystal this is a great product that is easy to use all you have to do is cut a slit in the bag and put in your pond and it does all the rest. It works for up to 3 months and so far mine is working great. Removes Dirty and Cloudy Water. Reduces High Levels of Ammonia. It increases Oxygen levels in the Water. Also contains essential minerals to keep fish healthy and their colors bright. It also helps balance out PH levels. Both items to the right are great I have been using them for 15 years and had a crystal clear pond ever since.

This sphere is pre loaded with a natural bacteria and enzyme blend that reduces excess nutrients, sludge and ammonia, resulting in improved water quality and clarity and healthier fish in your pond. A timed-release system releases beneficial bacteria and enzymes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, up to a 30-day period. Each sphere treats up to 12,500 gallons. Being all-natural, you can't over treat. PRO formula works effectively in water from 34° to 110°F.

How to calculate how big your pond is.

To calculate pond volume in gallons, multiply pond length x width x average depth x 7.5.

Using UV Filters to get rid of algae

UV Filters are great but only work for some types of algae pretty much anything that is free floating so that means it wont kill duckweed or hair algae but it will help in that fight to make sure your pond is crystal clear. Their are many UV Filter to choose from. But first how it works. UV Filters are a UV bulb that has water twirl around it usually for maximum exposure, the UV bulb then kills any type of bacteria on it so it's best to use on an established pond that has been set up at 3 months. What's great about these is they work as filters to and help filter out the bacteria and dead algae that the UV bulb destroyed.


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      Are the pebbles in my pond helping the algea grow!


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