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How To Get Rid Of Rats From The Home, Killing Rats With Poisons & Environmentally Friendly Rodent Traps

Updated on December 9, 2015

And You Think You Have A Rat Problem

Diseases Carried By Rats

How to kill rats.

Bubonic Plague

This disease still exists. It may of killed 1/3 of Europe during the 'Olden Days', but it is still present in Western USA and around the globe in certain countries like Peru.

The flea carried on rats carries this nasty disease. And simply by being bitten by an infected flea can kill a human. Even breathing in the cells of bacteria responsible for the 'Black Death' ( Yersinia Pestis ) can kill.


Also referred to as Weils disease and carried by cows as well as rats. This disease begins with flu-like symptoms, vomiting and headaches. The victim may seem to recover for a while, but this is part of the diseases progress.

The victim may soon suffer from meningitis, kidney and liver failure and then death. This disease can be contracted by rat urine and semen in open wounds, eyes and through the mouth whilst eating food which has urine on it.


This disease carried by rats causes gastroenteritis, sometime fatally. Many family pets have died as a result from rats droppings.

Other diseases include: Rat bite fever, Typhus, and tapeworms.

Electronic Rat Traps


Described as a 'humane' rat trap, this electric rat trap zaps and kills rats within seconds. There is no lingering death throws or a chance to chew off their own limbs.

The electric shock given to furry rodents, lasts for a full two minutes, and delivers a massive 8,500 volt kick.

The trap can be baited with peanut butter amongst other delicious foodstuffs which rats love.The trap can be easily opened and the recently deceased can be dumped into the trash without a person either seeing or touching the rats corpse.

LED indicators make excellent visual signals for when the trap is set and when there is something inside which needs depositing in the bin.

Runs on 4 'C' sized batteries which generate enough power to kill up to 50 rats.

5 stars for Electronic Rat Trap

Click on the smaller images for more information, discounts and selection available.

The aptly named 'rat zapper' does exactly what it says on the tin, it zaps rats. Can be used anywhere indoors or outdoors. Rodent infestations can be radically reduced by using these electronic rat killers

This slightly larger than average rat trap also kills any other rodents, such as mice, that wander into the trap. Kills up to 30 rats ( less than the product above ) with the use of 4 x 'D' cell batteries.

Lightweight and easy to use, less than 12" inches in length and approximately 4" high and wide, this can fit under standard floor boards, in cupboards and even under beds.

Ebay has many options for purchasing electronic rat or rodent traps. Many come straight from China, with little or no guarantee. The link to the one above comes from Canada, with a full guarantee.

All electric rat or mouse electronic traps are very similar to each other and they all do the same thing, they trap and kill furry rodents in virtually any place possible. Some will have a choice of a plug in power supply (DC): but when you have a rat problem, then having more electrical wires around near to where you are placing food to entice the rodents, seems a little bit crazy.

Humane Rat Traps


This simple yet very, very effective humane rat trap has been given the most positive comments from most rat traps. Simple to use and will even catch squirrels, chipmunks and weasels.

Galvanized steel mesh and smooth internal edges helps prevent any caught rodent causing damage to themselves or the cage. Steel plate top ensures trapped rats cannot bite or scratch a person during transportation to be released back into the wild, preferably a long way from home.

Poisons & Rats

Rats have cannibalistic tendencies, as they will eat dead rats and even their own babies. Rats will basically eat anything from meat and vegetables to cardboard and wood.

Rats are very adaptable, and this includes their immunity to poisons. If using one type of poison over a period of time, they will become immune to it. Therefore, if using a poison to eradicate your rat infestation, then you will need to periodically change the type of poison you use.


Always follow instructions perfectly, take no chances. Poisons can even enter the bloodstream through the skin.

Killing off a rat infestation is never easy. Rat poisons are one of the most common ways in which professional exterminators or environmental health organisations rid themselves of rodents.

Poisons are easy to use but must never be allowed to be placed where young children play or even walk past. The active ingredients in these rat poisons are very deadly and at least can cause severe stomach upset to a fully grown human.

The Sonic Rat Chaser


Technologically advanced DC powered rat and rodent chaser. Designed to chase away rats from inside a room with alternating sonic frequencies inaudible to humans and pets, unless your neighbours have pet rats.

This little machine emits a changeable high frequency sound which repels rodents from the area. Designed to operate in a single room, which is the downfall. The sound is meant to reverberate around a room, but also goes a bit further.

Tell us about your rat experience.

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    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 4 years ago from Australia

      Oh, that photo is seriously disturbing, billericky. It is an image it will be hard to forget.

      Our dog has occasionally caught a small mouse trying to venture too close to the house and I keep humane mouse traps in our sheds, but rats are strangers here, thank goodness.

      That many rats in one place at one time would be the end of me.

      Interesting that the child doesn't seem fazed at all by their presence and the adult feet don't seem to be walking towards the child. I know I wouldn't be just standing there. :)

    • LCDWriter profile image

      L C David 4 years ago from Florida

      *Sigh* Now I'm sorry I asked! ;-) Interesting information on just how nasty rats really are.

      Where I live we have a lot of snakes and people ask me if I'm worried about that. I say, no way! They control the rat population. And they are much cleaner.

    • billericky profile image

      billericky 4 years ago from Plymouth

      I believe the picture was taken in India or Sri Lanka. But I know it is a place where they feed rats until they are plump, then cook and eat them !!

    • LCDWriter profile image

      L C David 4 years ago from Florida

      That picture is really creepy! Where is it from and why are there so many rats around the child? Yuck!