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How To Get Rid Of Squirrels From The House or Home, Pest Control For Killing, Trapping or Removing Squirrels.

Updated on July 29, 2017

Pest control for squirrels.

Squirrels in the loft or Attic can cause death by fire or disease upon the human cohabitants.

Trapping restricting, killing methods, and even releasing live squirrels caught in humane traps may be illegal in certain states in America.

It is illegal to kill the Western Gray Squirrel at all in America because it is classed as an endangered species. Red, Northern Flying, and Douglas squirrels are protected species and can only be trapped or killed in emergency situations.

With the prospect of facing prosecution, it is advisable to contact the WDFW ( Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife ) regional office to ascertain as to whether or not you may have the squirrel infestation removed.

This is the legal and correct way to ensure removal of a squirrel problem. But it may be that you will have to live with them until they decide to leave.

Plague Victim
Plague Victim
Squirrel Flea
Squirrel Flea

Squirell Diseases

What disease do squirrels carry ?


The CDC announced that any pet being bitten by a squirrel, should be euthanized as a precaution. If the owners are not willing to do this, then a six month strict isolation (quarantine) should be put into place for animals which have not been vaccinated.

Pets which have already been vaccinated still need to be monitored for 45 days to ensure they do not have rabies. 80% of suspected rabies cases in the U.S. involved contact with Woodchucks or Groundhogs.


The plague is spread via bites or direct contact with the animal. The bacterial infection is usually caused by the fleas on squirrels. This disease continually occurs in Western United States, Africa, and Asia.

The plague was responsible for wiping out one third of the population of Europe in the 13th Century, some 30 million people. But during the 6th century BC, 50 million people died as a result of the Plague during the Roman Empire.

Cat Scratch Disease
Cat Scratch Disease


This bacterial disease is spread by bites, handling dead squirrel carcases, and also via drinking a contaminated water supply as well as breathing in the bacteria spores.

When attempting to remove squirrels from a property without the use of pest control companies, always wear protective equipment. This is another life threatening disease which it treatable with anti-biotics if medical treatment is sought.

Cat Scratch Disease

Although associated with a typical household cat, this bacterial disease is also transmitted by squirrels.

Approximately 2000 people are admitted every year to hospital with cat scratch disease. Many of these cases are reportedly to of been sourced through squirrel contact.

NB: Deaths resulting from diseases from squirrels are very rare.


Home fires are the main source of death by squirrel.

Squirrels cause an estimated 30,000 fires annually within the U.S. alone. The rodent pest chews through the cable wiring to remove the plastic coating for nesting purposes. This will leave bare electrical wires which can ignite loft or Attic insulation.

The fire easily rips through the Attic at an alarming rate. Smoke can then overcome the sleeping inhabitants below whilst the squirrels usually evacuate the home to find another nesting area.

War on Squirrels

Humane Traps.

Humane rodent traps allow the animal to be captured unharmed and then released back into the wild.

Easy to use, but always wear protective gloves and even goggles when removing a trap with a squirrel inside, they will bite and scratch.

Squirrels hiss loudly when they feel threatened or are agitated. It may be wise to release the squirrel some 10 miles away from your home to prevent them returning.

Simple is sometimes best. This easy one door humane squirrel or rodent trap is easy to use. Bear in mind the distance you need to travel to release your captives.

It may be advisable to purchase two or three traps at the same time to reduce costs in letting them loose in the wild.

Havahart Two Door Trap.

This semi - professional humane rodent trap allows entrance from both ends. This may ensure a quick capture most times.

Once caught in these traps, the trap should be removed as soon as possible so as not to deter other squirrels from entering the trap.

Made in the U.S.A. from rust resistant steel for a longer life. Prior to purchasing any trap for sale, ensure with your local authorities that you have permission to do so. Not doing this may result in a hefty fine being imposed on the homeowner.

Electric Traps

Rat / Rodent Zapper.

The rat zapper is used mainly, as indicated, on rats and mice, but also works on squirrels and other rodents.

Classed as humane because the rodents are electrocuted quickly and efficiently. Battery operated to help reduce any risk of fire in dry areas such as lofts or Attics.

Delivers a quick 8,000 volt electric shock. 'No touch' and 'no view' incorporated so as no-one sees or touches the dead carcasses.

Victor Electronic Rodent Trap.

Capable of killing almost 50 rodents per battery charge. LED indicator to announce when the trap is full after delivery a 8,500 volt shock.

With squirrel infestations, it is advisable to remove a full trap as soon as possible and replace it quickly. This will help reduce the number of squirrels quite quickly.

Sonic Solutions

A non toxic solution to keeping rodents away from the home. Delivers 110 decibel's of gut wrenching noise which is inaudible to humans and normal household pets.

Designed to drive away infestations of rodents from homes, barns, and areas of the garden.

Squirrels Breeding Cycle


Squirrel Litter
Squirrel Litter

Each species of squirrels will breed at different times of the times and the amount of offspring also varies.

The normal off litter from a single pair of adult squirrels each time is between 2 and 8 baby squirrels. They breed twice a year and within a space of two years, an infestation originating from a single pair of squirrels could number as many as 200.

Before any infestation got to be over the 100 squirrel number, then there would already be major health risks for the human inhabitants.

Faeces and urine would begin to appear in food cupboards, on tables, and even on the beds. Fleas would be covering all of the domestic pets, and possible skin disorders and breathing problems will be contracted by the whole family.

Infestation Precautions.

In the wild, squirrels can live up to 13 years on average. These crafty creatures have learnt to adapt and live in harmony with humans. They like war and dry nests with a food and water source quite close.

The attics of home are perfect for their needs. Many pest control companies will refuse to remove a squirrel infestation from homes depending upon the local governmental regulations. It is usually down to the homeowner to protect their investment and family.

Cut The Trees Back

Cutting the trees back to a fair distance from the house will affect the squirrels entrance capabilities. Squirrels can jump almost 20 feet, so the trees will need to be cut back quite far. Also consider removing or pruning bushes next to the home.


Many buildings have small holes where rodents can squeeze through. Even the smallest holes can be used by pests. Check behind drainpipes and fascia boards where holes are usually not visible to humans.

If you have a squirrel problem, how do you propose to get rid of them

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