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How To Get Rid of a Green or Cloudy Fish Tank

Updated on December 3, 2010

How to Get Rid of a Cloudly Tank

So you have just set up a fish tank and after a week it has turned a cloudy white color almost to the point you can't see in it.  This can be normal in some cases.  What the cloudy water is from is usually free floating bacteria that is basically waiting to settle.  Dont worry this bacteria is good for your tank because it's what breaks down the fish waste that your fish give off.  First I would like to go over ways to prevent a cloudy tank.

  • Avoid overfeeding
  • Try getting a filter from someone else healthy established tank.  This will pump good bacteria to help control this a little better since the bacteria is already living in the filter bag.
  • Only 2-3 fish introduced into new tank no matter the size.

Ok so those steps can be taken to prevent it and done during it to help reduce it.  The easiest way to get rid of cloudy water is to do a 50% water change with a siphon and vacuum the gravel.  It will look like nothings coming up but it's normal it's to small to see.  You may need to do this once a week, if you have a large tank 40 gallons or bigger than you can do a 25% water change.  Only feed your tank once a day and only a little bit if theirs any falling to the bottom and not getting eaten feed less.

How to get rid of my Green Tank

This is a easy one first check these things because they are the number one things for casuing algae which is what that green stuff is.

  • Is your tank in direct sunlight?
  • Do you feed your fish more than once per day?
  • Is your tank overcrowded 1 inch of fish per gallon?
  • Do you do month water changes?

If you answered yes to anyone of these then it's probably that, that is causing the algae. First if your tank is in direct sunlight you need to move it or the problem will keep appearing.  After moving the tank cover it with a towel for 4 days and only turn on the light for 10minutes to feed your fish.  After usually three days the tank will get cloudy (that's dying algae) do a 50% water change to get that dead algae out.  Replace your filter cartidge the next day because it usually is catching the dead algae and not working as properly. Cut feeding down to once a day.

But this Chemical says it clears cloudy water

Chemicals are the last thing you want to use.  The good old fashion water change is the way to go.  Chemicals tend to cover things up and if you use to much which I see a lot of people do then you will actually do more damage than you started off with.  Whats that lead to more water changes to get the excess chemicals out.

Getting dead algae out fast!!

This is important because if you don't remove the dead algae it sits and rots and releases nutrients into the tank and then you have a algae bloom all over again.  So after 3 days after the first water change do another to remove the dead algae, remember you can't over clean your tank.  Changing that filter cartridge is key to because it will catch that second wave of algae as it dies off and clumps together.


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