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How To Have A Dog Obedience Training Club At Home

Updated on January 26, 2010

If you've just purchased your new puppy and are trying to join the ranks of the dog obedience training club, there are dozens of things you'll want to learn first before starting training.

Your dog is a wonderfully smart creature, but teach them improperly and you'll likely be faced with an impenetrable wall of stubborn disobedience when they grow older. Your dog will be infinitely more enjoyable when they can perform the basic tasks of house training, sitting, coming, staying on command.

Dog Obedience Training Club Tips

Dogs are very different from you and me in terms of how they think. They do not operate with cognitive thought, meaning they cannot reason out in the gray terms we see the world in what we want from them. Instead, we must make it explicitly clear and practice over time to instil in them exactly what a specific command means and what we would like them to do.

For that reason, many dog owners will never make the ranks of the dog obedience training club because they have failed to remain consistent and persistent in their training. Never use more than a single word for the same action, and never fail to use that command when requesting an action. It only confuses and sets back your dog's training.

Dog Obedience Training Club Basics

For those of you that are first starting your dog training there are a variety of commands that you should have already set. You'll want to ensure your dog can perform these basic actions before even taking them to your local dog park, to ensure your sand your fellow dog owners' safety.


If you let your dog free of their leash, the last thing you want is for them to ignore your call to return. Come is vital to teaching your dog off leash obedience.


Displaying a certain amount of discipline as well as calming your animal before they go outside, eat, or start playing, sit is vital to keeping some level of control at all times.


Once you've taught your dog to sit and come, staying is vital so as they do not run off immediately. You want them to hear your commands and retain them.


A more advanced form of submission than Sit, Down teaches your dog to get off of whatever surface they might be climbing on and touch the ground. It's important to teach your dog down so as they do not climb all over strangers in the park.

Proper Use In Your Dog Obedience Training Club

For all of these commands, you must remember to retain certain levels at all times. Always use the same command words and always use the same tone and pitch of voice. Additionally, be patient. Your dog will not pick these up right away and get them right every time. Be patient and expect to have to repeat yourself. Always teach one thing at a time as a dog cannot keep up with multiple tracks and always reward or punish immediately. If you wait more than a few seconds, your dog will not understand the connection and you only confuse them.

By following these steps to basic obedience training in the home you can join the long line of happy dog owners in the dog obedience training club. You'll want to not only be consistent, but dominant and hopefully your dog will be a pleasure when they grow up.


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