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How To Help Your Dog When Their Losing Control of Their Bladder

Updated on September 17, 2010

Bladder Control Loss in your dog

Everyone faces this problem with their dog sooner or later. Your dog is laying on the floor and gets up with a puddle behind them. Your thinking oh no my dog is losing control of their bladder. So many things fly to your head is it just age, is it a mild seizure, a UTI (urinary tract infection), your dog may be to excited or they are a submissive dog.

Your dog may be to anxious if there are changes in routine, moving where you live, having new visitors around your dog, or losing their previous owner, can make dogs act or be anxious because they don't understand what is going on around them, and unfortunately they really can't go speak to a therapist, and their normal life starts to look scary to them.

If they do act anxious then stay calm it will take care of itself with your help. You almost need to potty train them from the beginning again. NEVER PUNISH your dog for going on the floor if it suffers from anxiety it's not their fault and it will only make the control of the dogs bladder worse.

Medical Reasons dog may lose control of Bladder

Dog losing control of the bladder because of medical conditions. Excessive urination or loss of bladder control in older dogs can result from arthritis, liver diseases, kidney problems, tumors or urine crystals, diabetes is another big one affecting a large amount of dogs. You may need to go to the vet if your dog has not had these problems before and start randomly. It's never bad to be to safe. Almost all the medical conditions can be treated if caught early enough.

While your waiting for the vet or the medicine to take effect. You should isolate your dog to a tile floor like the kitchen while you are gone. You even can buy dog diapers for males and females.

What to do if your dog loses control of their bladder

Does your dog have Submission and excitement incontinence problems fix them following these easy steps. Dogs losing control of their bladder when they feel threaten by you, another dog, another person or anything else that can seem dominate over a dog. Your dog will actually pee or lose control of their bladder when they are submissive it happens in puppies a lot or dogs recently adopted. Others lose control because they get to excited, my dog did it for 4 months if you came over to my house and you were a visitor he loved you, you didn't like him because he would start peeing not even realizing it and pee on your shoe and sometimes up your pant leg if you allowed him to jump up. In each case, get to know your dog and understand when accidents might occur and avoid these situations where possible or show them it's ok not to get excited. I would put him in a leash and hold him next to me until they were in the house for a little while then slowly introduce him to them that worked awesome.Remember it takes time. If your dog is a submissive one let her or him feel you out first don't walk up and over them. If you are going to approach go to their level not hovering over them.

Using Training Pads For Dog Bladder Loss

if your dog is elderly or has a medical condition that makes it so they can't make it outside it may be time to use training pads for your dog while your gone or even while your home. Dogs losing control of their bladder can probably make it to the pad easier. Their are many different pads that you can use that are very absorbent.


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