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How To Kill Fleas In Your House

Updated on October 20, 2011

How to Kill Fleas in your House the easy way

It’s usually an unpleasant fact of life if you keep animals in your home but also one that no one wants so hopefully you will learn how to kill fleas in your house in this article and keep them away as best as possible.

If you notice fleas or ticks on your pets, whether a dog or a cat, it is obviously important to ensure that these are treated as they will be the source of the invasion. However, many fleas will continue to live in the furniture and clothing unless action is taken.

This can be very difficult to clear but these steps should hopefully show you how to kill fleas in your house efficiently.

First of all, anything such as clothes, animal bedding and any other small items which may have been infected with fleas should be washed as well as possible to kill off the fleas, preferably in a washing machine at a reasonably high temperature. If you have larger items which can’t be washed due to their bulk, it is seriously worth considering throwing them away and replacing if necessary.

Be Persistent

Next use your hoover on the carpet and furniture on a high setting. This should ensure that you hoover up a great many of the larvae and eggs as well as some fleas. Some people even suggest placing a flea collar inside the vacuum cleaner bag to kill off any fleas that are hovered up, however, this will depend on the style of your hoover and could cause damage to bagless hoovers.

Don’t just do this as a one-off. Try to hoover every day if possible but if not, at least every two or three days as this will help to get rid of them.

Once this has been done, purchase either some flea spray or a flea bomb to un infect the whole house. Make sure that you read the instructions though to keep both yourself and your pets safe during this as we are dealing with chemicals here.

A Flea Free Home

Once you have done this you are well on your way, however, it is best not to be complacent as eggs may still remain in the carpets to re-emerge at a later date, so continual hovering is recommended for a while as is ensuring that you follow a flea prevention treatment with your pets.

So hopefully that has helped you to understand how to kill fleas in your house and that the itching and scratching can finally stop!


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