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How To Look After A Kitten

Updated on June 13, 2012

Looking After A Kitten

You Will Need A Cat Scratch-er
You Will Need A Cat Scratch-er

How To Look After A Kitten

Taking Care Of A Kitten - What Do Kittens Need?

Looking after a kitten should start well before you actually go and choose one. you should have the basic essentials at home such as food bowls, cat bed, cat scratch-er, cat toys and of course a plenty full supply of kitten food.One of your old jumpers that still has your scent on it to add to the cat bed is also a good move. Another esensial of course is a litter tray and cat litter. When you do choose your kitten do not forget to ask the previous owner what brand of cat litter they have been using, some kittens can be a bit finicky as to which litter they will use.

Litter Tray

Make sure to buy the correct litter.
Make sure to buy the correct litter.

Kitten Proof Room.

How To Look After A kItten

When You Get Them Home.

Kittens can be destructive at times, you can train them not to rip your sofa to shreds but it does take time. You can deter them when you are about but what about during the night? If you have a spare room why not turn it into a kitten room, remove anything that they can get into and lay a plastic sheet down with their litter tray food and toys etc. Not only that but if you have an alarm system you cannot have your kitten roaming the house at night setting your alarm off, just disconnect the sensor to the one room.

Kitten Proof Room.

Kitten Proof Room.
Kitten Proof Room.

How To Look After A Kitten - Hair balls

When a cat/kitten first starts to rid its self of a hairball many new owners will understandably freak out but this is a normal occurrence. Cats are clean animals they will lick themselves top to bottom, but in so doing they do ingest a lot of body hair. Because of this they will have a lot of undigested body hair. This is not a problem as long as they can get rid of it in the normal way but it can cause a problem if the hair ball becomes stuck.

There are a few ways you can alleviate the problem, to my mind the one both pleasing to both cat and its owner is to get your cat/kitten into a regular cat grooming exercise. Brushing/combing your cat/kitten not only helps with hair balls but also adds to your cat bonding program.

How to look after a kitten - Cat Scratches

All cats scratch they scratch to mark thier territory and to help shed old claws. If you do not provide them with a cat scratcher they will invariably use your furniture, your wallpaper or anything else that is at hand. There are probally thousnds of different cat scratches available today from as little as £5.00 upwards. take into consideration that kittens have lots of energy if they are going to spend any length of time on their own one of the better ones that provide them with different climbing options and hanging toys etc will help to keep them amused as well as some where to have a good scratch.

Cat Scratches

Leo likes his new catscratcher.
Leo likes his new catscratcher.

Kitten Vaccinations

Leo Our New Kitten
Leo Our New Kitten

How To Look After A Kitten - Vaccinations

It is imperative to have your kitten vaccinated against all the prevalent cat diseases such as cat flue etc which does mean a visit to your local vet. If you have a local Vets For Pets where you live I can highly recommend them we have been taking our cats to them for quite a few years now. Cats can live for 20years so over your cats life the cost for their yearly vaccinations can work out very costly, at the moment Vets For Pets have an offer on that if you pay £99.00 for their first set of jabs the rest are free for life which could end up saving you a small fortune.


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