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How To Love a Saint Bernard

Updated on February 27, 2009

How to love a Saint Bernard

People usually react to a Saint Bernard Puppy by having a meltdown. That is, their heart just melts at the sight of that bundle of furry fluff. What’s not to love? Those big brown eyes pull you in and who can resist a pup that resembles an adorable bear cub and feels like a big cotton ball. They are easy to love. People seldom give a thought though to the fact that a pup grows up to be a dog that has special needs and traits unique to the breed. Once your puppy is grown it will need more than a loving hug.

You will need to add some understanding and tolerance to the love. Saints have droopy mouths. Originally trained as rescue dogs in snowy mountain areas with thin air, their mouths were bred to hang down and assist in breathing better. The side affect is it causes them to drool almost continuously. Today though most Saint Bernard’s aren’t rescue dogs so that drool will go on the floor, the walls and on you.

These huge loyal dogs will need regular exercise to avoid common joint problems that affect them as they age .Left to themselves they will gain weight, tend to eat a lot and can suffer from weight related problems.

Saints are known as the gentle giant in the dog world and this is true overall. However, socializing and training a Saint is essential because they like most breeds are also sometimes protective of family and home. Saints can reach over 100 lbs when grown so if your saint doesn’t obey your commands and have basic obedience training it will be like trying to hold onto a bull with a piece of twine. They will be too strong for you.

By paying attention to your Saints special needs he will grow from a heart string tugging puppy to an adored member of your family that will appreciate the caring ways you love and care for him


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