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How To Make A Doghouse Out Of A Water Trough

Updated on January 22, 2012


Chance is a funny dog. He likes to be out in the rain and even the snow. Still, we wanted him to have some kind of shelter so as you can see behind the doghouse, we cut a "door" into the siding of our old trailer. He used this sometimes, but just as often we were likely to see him curled up out in the snow or rain. I really wanted something he would use, but was afraid to spend a lot of money on a doghouse he might just ignore.

One day I was looking at an old water trough my dad brought home from the landfill intending to repair. We no longer had livestock, and if we ever got more I still had a working trough. This old one had a large crack in the bottom, probably where someone had tried to chop through the ice. We also had a wooden platform. So I decided to put them together to make a doghouse for him. I took four long screew and screwed them through the lip of the upside down trough, at an angle, to secure it to the platform. Then I took my jigsaw and after drilling 4 holes in the corners of the indented square on the side, I cut that square out. I then laid a board over the top and screwed it into place, then used sealant to seal any place rain might go. Finally I stuffed a bunch of straw into it.

Chance really seems to like it. It sits on the south side of the trailer so is protected from the worst biting wind, as well the door also faces south. He has spent a far greater amount of time in his doghouse than I ever thought he would. I have even seen him sleeping in there on nice days. I feel so much better knowing he has a good doghouse and even more that he likes being in it.

Someone threw that trough away thinking it had no more uses. We recycled it and made a doghouse out of it showing it had still one great use left to it. I bet we all have items we could recycle and give new life to.


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