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How To Make Friends With A Guinea Pig

Updated on September 7, 2011
Adorable roly poly guinea pigs!
Adorable roly poly guinea pigs!

Guinea Pigs are cute little pets, I like to call mine 'Guinea Puppies' because they are so fuzzy and roly-poly like little puppies, but I don't often mention that in polite company.The biggest challenge I had with my guinea pigs was making friends with them. A lot of guinea pigs tend to be timid and scared and run away when their owner gets too close, which can make you pretty sad if you just want to say hello to your pets.

If you want to become better friends with your guinea pig, I have some handy tips you can use to start making friends with them today.

Treats, Treats and more Treats

Guinea pigs are naturally scared of big people because in the wild they are hunted by big things that want to eat them. You can overcome their fear of you by bribing them with food though, and I highly recommend that you do.

The first step in taming your guinea pig is to feed them their daily vegetables by hand. This takes longer than just putting a bowl in their cage and letting them scurry over to it when you walk away, but it is worth it because it teaches the guinea pig that you are the bringer of food. You are a friend. Eventually, instead of running away whenever they see you, guinea pigs will rush to the sides of their cage and squeak at you whenever they see you. The only thing bigger than a guinea pig's fear of people is it's love of tasty vegetables and fruits.

Elevate The Cage

If you keep your guinea pigs inside, then it is a good idea to have their cage up on a raised surface, like a table or something similar. When your guinea pigs are up higher, you don't loom over them quite as much when you try to say hello to them. Imagine, for a second, being a little guinea pig on the floor and seeing a giant towering above you. You'd probably be afraid of you too, if you were a guinea pig. If you can't raise your guinea pig's cage, try approaching them low. Yes, I am suggesting that you crouch down to see your guinea pigs, or even better, lay down with them. This removes a lot of the height difference and a lot of their fear. Guinea pigs are actually quite curious by nature and spending time with them quietly on their level can help them bond with you. (Especially, as I mentioned earlier, if you have treats.)


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