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How To Make Fry Food or Baby Fish Food Step by Step

Updated on November 13, 2013

Where To Start With Fry Food

So after your fish lay eggs or give birth this becomes a crucial time for you to act fast. If you don't want to mess with baby brine shrimp then it's time to start some fry food from food you have laying around the house. Baby fish usually dont need to be fed for a couple days if the are eggs laid. Live bearers are a little different and need to eat within 6 hours but you are probably fine for 12 hours because their will be enough in the tank for them to eat.

Baby fish are great to watch grow but need to be fed round the clock.

Angelfish Babies in the Making

My Angelfish Laying Eggs
My Angelfish Laying Eggs | Source

What You Need To Make Fry Food

So here is what you need to get around for baby fish food.

  • Sandwich Ziploc Bag
  • Rolling Pin
  • All Your Flake Food

That's it. Now comes the easy part. You thought this was gonna be tough... Nope I have made fry food like this and have had many successful batches of baby fry. This will save you money as well because their are fry food out their that cost around five dollars and requires a trip to the store and gas money. See how this is adding up. Next Ill go over how to make the fry food and feed it to fish.

Video on How To Make Fry Food

Have You Had Baby Fry In Your Tank?

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Step By Step How To Make Fry Food

  1. Put equal amounts of food in ziploc bag( You don't need alot, only a couple pinches)
  2. Squeeze all the air out of the bag.
  3. Roll the ziploc bag and roll food into a powder.
  4. Shake the food so it settles to the bottle and roll it one more time.
  5. Feed it to your fry by using a toothpick and wet it and dip in tank with fry so that you don't over feed.

Convict Cichlid Babies


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