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How To Own A French Bulldog

Updated on April 22, 2015

Baby Hurc

Not For the Feint of Heart

I met my fiancé at the hospital. Of course, at that time she was just the new HUC on the unit and I didn't know that I was madly in love with her yet. After we started seeing each other for a solid weeks I decided that I was going to buy her a purebred French Bulldog as her birthday was rapidly approaching (totally smart move for a first gift, right?). After being conned by the first non-existent breeder to drive 6 hours to Georgia to find nothing, I decided to look elsewhere. I realized that I had a Facebook friend that was a breeder and decided that I'd pay her a visit. I brought my two year old son and my younger brother Dino for the two hour ride. Legend (my son) was having a blast covering his face and laying the ground as all of the 11 week old puppies covered him in their kisses and jumped all over him.

I found him. The one I wanted. He was perfect in every way. Well, almost perfect. One of his ears was up as it should be, and one of them was bent down from playing too rough. I just had to have him. After negotiating a price, I brought him home. He immediately became familiar with the bedroom I kept him in for the day leading up to my fiancé's birthday by marking everything in sight. I witnessed what we consider to be love at first site when he came waddling out of the bedroom with a handmade bow I had made from ribbon on the spot. She scooped him up and he became her child from that point on.

French Bulldogs are a tightly bred breed which makes them susceptible to health issues. Also, they are brachiocephalic which basically means that they have squished faces. This also can cause health issues and requires special administration of anesthesia God forbid your dog ever needs any surgery. I named our new addition Hurc. My fiancé is a HUC and I'm a nurse so I combined the two job titles and came up with a manly remake of a legendary name (Hercules). If you asked her today, Hurc came from her womb. He has become an integral par of our family that cannot be replaced.

Hurc has his issues. Luckily, the biggest health issues that Hurc has is mild in comparison to what he could. He has some serious gas. I mean, wake you up out of a dead sleep and have you paranoid that something is dead inside of your room bad. At the age of four he recently starting having issues with keeping his meals down, so he is now taking Prilosec which has been working great. When Hurc was still just a 7 lb. baby, my young nephew picked him up and climbed onto my Saturn with him and jumped off thinking it would be funny to make the dog fly. He let go of Hurc in mid air because he became scared and Hurc suffered a compound fracture of what we would anatomically consider our elbow. Without surgery, he would never walk correctly again. My fiancé zoomed him two hours away to an emergency medical clinic for animals where the surgery was performed..... $3500 later. After 6 weeks of strict crating he returned to have the screw in his elbow removed and he has never had a single issue since in that department.

Frenchies need TONS of attention. Let's do a test. start petting your French Bulldog for about 15 seconds and then stop and walk away. What you're now hearing, that's call yodeling. French Bulldogs are notorious for it. Although it can be cute, when they do it by your bedroom door at 4 a.m. looking to go outside, it's appeal quickly fades. Some dogs sleep with their owners at the foot of the bed, other on the floor by the bed and still others not even in the same room. If given the opportunity, your French Bulldog will attempt to crawl inside of you while you're sleeping because they cuddle that hard. Any bent area on your body, becomes spinal support during their rest. I oftentimes find myself kissing Hurc goodnight instead of my fiancé because he's the closest thing to my face when I close my eyes at night.

They think that they are human. They'll expect you to take them everywhere you go, and will yodel at the door as you leave if you don't. Grocery shopping? Better bring the Frenchie! You see, although you're the master's of your house when you're gone, if you upset French Bulldog, you may not have a single pair of matching high heels when you come back because they've eaten one heel off of the left side of every pair. They LOVE ice cream. Hurc gets a few licks, especially on his birthday every single year of his favorite green apple flavor-burst ice cream from a local vendor.

If you think that you're going to buy a French Bulldog and life will become easier, please reconsider. Frenchies take a large amount of time and care. As I'm writing this, Hurc is passed out, half on my leg in a little ball. If I were to get up and move somewhere else in the house, he'd be right on my heels waiting for me to settle in to a new spot so he could make a new bed on me. Hurc and other Frenchies are quite rambunctious as puppies. Literally two months before his 4th birthday I noticed that he had become increasingly calmer and more relaxed. It was like all at once he had matured and settled down. He still likes to play fight with my Rottweiler, but only for short stints. He's much happier laid out on his favorite blanket on the bed with his mom and dad then he is doing anything else. So if you have a wild and crazy young French Bulldog, know that they still have time and will calm down as they get older.


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