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How To Play With Your Bunny

Updated on April 26, 2010
A bunny playing with toys. Image from:
A bunny playing with toys. Image from:

One of the most fun things about owning a bunny rabbit is spending time with it, and one of the best ways to have fun spending time with your bunny is playing with it. Too many bunnies get stuck out in cages on the lawn by themselves, becoming sad and lonely. Is it any wonder then, that they are not friendly when you want to pet them or take them to the vet?

Rabbits are perfectly capable of playing, so I would advise you to have some area where you can let your rabbit out to play, whether it is a puppy play pen outside big enough for you and bunny to get into, a well fenced yard, or even a room inside the house. Bunnies can very easily be housebroken because they like to go to the toilet in the same place every time. If you put litter boxes in all the corners of the room, your bunny is likely to choose one of them. I use natural clay litter in my bunny's litter box because unlike paper based litter or cob based litter, she doesn't try to eat it, and unlike wood shavings, she doesn't tramp it all over the place when she is done. Clay litters are also pretty good at odor control, but we are getting off topic here, because the topic is really how to play with your bunny.

I recommend starting off by laying on the ground and letting your bunny come up and sniff you. People often get too grabby with rabbits, who don't like to be manhandled. If you let your rabbit come to you, then it will be a much happier, much friendlier bunny. If your bunny is scared, you can tempt it with a little piece of carrot or apple.

Bunnies will play with toys, so if you have some sisal toys that bunny can bite and toss around, you may be able to get into a gentle game of 'catch', where you roll the toy towards bunny, and bunny nudges it back to you.

Kid's toys are also very suitable for rabbits. Choose hard plastic toys designed to be gummed by teething babies, and watch your bunny have heaps of fun pushing them around and throwing them.

Bunnies also like to dig, so some supervised time with a cardboard box filled with shredded newspaper may be the most fun your bunny has had in a long time, and it is cheap too! Just make sure that bunny doesn't eat the paper or cardboard, though nibbling is normal. My own bunny loves to chew tunnels in cardboard boxes.

Bunnies don't play like dogs do, but they do play, and the more time you spend with your rabbit, the more you'll come to understand what their idea of fun is, and be able to join in.


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    • profile image

      Rabbit Breeders 6 years ago

      I agree with you, if you raise rabbits you should consider buying toys for them. Although some breeders won't spend the couple extra buck- I think it is worth it!

    • profile image

      Funny bunny 7 years ago

      My bunny plays with toys and he also has a nother bunny to play with in there little house B) :)

    • kgnature profile image

      kgnature 7 years ago from North Carolina

      Great play ideas - thanks.

    • thevoice profile image

      thevoice 7 years ago from carthage ill

      love this pet hub very caring write thanks